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The murder of Paweł Adamowicz. The seventh hearing, expert opinion on Stefan W.’s mental condition deferred

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At the hearing on Thursday, the court decided to extend the time for issuing an expert opinion on Stefan W.’s current mental condition until June 30. It turned out to be necessary to appoint a new doctor. This opinion determines whether the accused of murdering the president of Gdańsk, Paweł Adamowicz, will be able to participate in the trial.

The court extended the deadline for submitting an expert psychiatrist’s opinion on Stefan W.’s health until the end of June. It was requested by the experts themselves, explaining the application with too many professional duties of one of them. The court agreed and appointed another psychiatrist to replace the “overworked” expert.

It may depend on this opinion whether Stefan W. will participate in the hearings, because from the beginning of the trial he has not said a single word in court and is acting irrational – during one of the hearings, he broke the epaulets of one of the officers guarding him.

The court was waiting for the opinion of expert psychiatrists on the current mental health of Stefan W. from the second hearing . At that time, defense counsel Stefan W. requested that expert psychiatrists conduct tests, arguing that he had no contact with his client and that he had not uttered a word since the first hearing. The court later agreed to extend the deadline for issuing this opinion to May 31.

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Stefan W. does not answer the questions of the court and his lawyertvn24

During one of the previous hearings – on Monday, May 16 – judge Kaczmarek informed that the accused himself sent a motion to the court to suspend the trialarguing him with his poor health. In the application – as the judge said – Stefan W. wrote that he had been suffering from pancreas and other diseases since he was a child. The court rejected this request.

On Thursday, Stefan W. was brought in and is attending the hearing. The court began hearing two more witnesses – these are the neighbors and friends of Stefan W.

Stefan W. during the hearing on May 19PAP / Adam Warżawa

The assassination of the president

The prosecutor’s office accuses Stefan W. of having committed the murder with a direct intention as a result of motivations that deserve particular condemnation, as well as for the commission of the offense of forcing another person to behave in a certain way. The accused was said to have committed both crimes under conditions of return to the crime. Stefan W. is threatening from 12 years to life imprisonment.

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According to experts, when Stefan W. entered the scene of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity on January 13, 2019 and attacked Paweł Adamowicz with a knife, he had limited sanity. This could affect the amount of your prison sentence. The court may (but does not have to) apply extraordinary leniency or decide to place the man in a psychiatric hospital.

The trial of the president of Gdańsk accused of murder has begun March 28 this year.

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