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The “My Electricity” program opens the call for applications in the fifth edition

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On Saturday, a new recruitment of applications in the “My Electricity” program starts. The maximum subsidy is up to PLN 58,000. A novelty is the possibility of receiving support for the purchase of heat pumps and solar collectors. In the case of pumps, it will be possible to receive subsidies from PLN 4 to 28 thousand.

On Saturday, April 22, Earth Day, the fifth edition of the photovoltaics promotion program “My Electricity” starts. Deputy head of the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management (NFOŚiGW) Paweł Mirowski informed that applications for subsidies through the application generator will be possible from 9.00. The call for applications in “Moj Prąd” 5.0 will last until December 22 or until it runs out program budgetwhich – as the Deputy Minister of Climate and Environment Ireneusz Zyska informed – is PLN 955 million. However, an additional PLN 400 million was reserved.

“My Electricity” 5.0. Who can apply in the program?

As in the previous editions of the program, it is addressed to prosumers who, as at the date of submitting the application, have one grid-connected photovoltaic micro-installation with a capacity of 2 kWh to 10 kWh and settle in net-billing effective from April 2022. It consists in the fact that the prosumer sells the unused energy to the grid and buys it when the installation does not cover the demand for energy.

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New in “My Current” 5.0 in addition to subsidies for PV panels or energy storage, it is possible to obtain support for the purchase of heat pumps and solar collectors for hot utility water.


Minister of Climate and Environment Anna Moscow emphasizes that this is a response to the needs reported by prosumers.

– Thanks to this, the proposal will be a comprehensive support in the process of transforming a single-family building into a low-emission and energy-efficient house. It will be possible to carry out repairs and investments that will significantly reduce the costs of heating and electricity, noted the minister.

Three groups of applicants will be able to benefit from the subsidy in “My Electricity” 5.0. First of all, these are people who settle accounts for the electricity produced in the net-billing system, who have not yet benefited from co-financing for PV micro-installations.

The second group consists of people settling accounts in the “old” prosumer billing system, i.e. net-metering, who have not used subsidies for PV panels so far, provided that they switch to net-billing.

The third group concerns people settling accounts in the old system and who have already benefited from subsidies for panels. In the latter group, however, three conditions must be met. Firstly, the PV installation for which support was received was connected and paid for from January 1, 2020. Secondly, you need to switch from net-metering to net-billing. The third condition for receiving support – for this group of applicants – will be submitting an additional device indicated in the “My Electricity” program, eg a heat pump.

The amount of the subsidy depends on the investment

In the case of the first and second group of applicants, the subsidy for PV panels alone will be up to 6 thousand. zloty. However, if they decide to expand the investment with, for example, a heat pump, the subsidy for the panels increases – up to PLN 7,000. zloty. In the case of the third group of applicants, the PV subsidy is up to PLN 3,000. zloty. The program also provides for subsidies for additional elements. In the case of heat storage facilities, it is up to 5,000. zloty; energy storage facilities up to 16,000 zloty; by opting for an energy management system, you can get up to 3,000. zloty. choosing ground source heat pump will be available for up to 28.5 thousand. zloty. If we decide on an air/water heat pump with an increased energy class, it will be up to 19.4 thousand. zloty; for air/water pumps – up to 12.6 thousand zloty; for air/air pumps – up to 4.4 thousand. zloty. In the case of solar collectors, subsidies will amount to PLN 3.5 thousand. zloty.

heat pump shutterstock_2216924667 Jerome.Romme/Shutterstock

With the widest investment, the maximum subsidy that can be received is PLN 58,000. zloty.

New technical requirements of devices

The Ministry of Culture and Environment points out that in the latest version of the program, the technical requirements for some additional devices have been changed, including for the EMS and HEMS systems (energy management systems). The number of required attachments has also been increased, e.g. for a document confirming the bank account number, product card/energy label. Since the source of co-financing is changing, which will be the Operational Program Infrastructure and Environment, this will mean, among others, change of the information plate that will be required after receiving the grant. The deputy head of the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management, Paweł Mirowski, informed that one zloty of subsidy for PV panels generated PLN 6.2 for investments in the economy. In the fourth edition of “My Electricity” more than 60,000 applications were submitted. applications for the amount of almost PLN 404 million. Thanks to the program, which has been ongoing since 2019, 0.5 million prosumers have arrived in Poland, receiving over PLN 2 billion in subsidies from the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management. Currently, there are nearly 1,250,000 in the country. prosumers.

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