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The National Health Fund is still prosecuting doctors for writing prescriptions for milk that saves children’s lives. The new minister is to “raise the topic”

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The authorities have changed, so has the team at the Ministry of Health, and the National Health Fund continues to pursue doctors for writing milk prescriptions for children with very severe allergies. There are demands to return the money and there are also cases in court. However, there is no decision yet on what to do next.

Dr. Leszek Olchowik is a pediatrician, pulmonologist and allergist. It was against him – an experienced and respected specialist – that the president of the National Health Fund brought a case to the District Court in Warsaw. During the inter-holiday period, he received a letter ordering him to pay PLN 19,000 plus court fees. This is because the doctor saved the health and lives of fifteen children by prescribing them baby milk on prescription. The doctor is at the end of his strength. – On my part, sleep disturbances and fatigue. I wouldn’t like to say I’m depressed, but I’m tired of this whole situation. I have not committed any prohibited act – emphasizes Leszek Olchowik.

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The Fund claims that those children for whom the doctor prescribed infant milk were not entitled to a refund and that they had to be prescribed second milk – for older children. But they were allergic to the latter and had to eat something. Similar cases concern not only Dr. Olchowik’s patients. – Unfortunately, some of the patients did not tolerate formulas for older children, so I simply continued the supply of these milks so that these children could eat anything at all – says Maciej Zagierski, a pediatrician, against whom the president of the National Health Fund also took the case to court.

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The National Health Fund is not waiving the penalty for a doctor who prescribed children the milk she had to. “We do not refer to medical indications”Marek Nowicki/Fakty TVN

The silence of the ministry

– It seems that this preparation is quite popular when it comes to use by some athletes in strength sports – said Filip Nowak, president of the National Health Fund, at the beginning of February 2023. – This is an indirect accusation that we are the ones dealing in this. I think that a large group of common-sense people will not believe it, but there will certainly be people who will applaud it and say “yes, thieves, they need to be punished.” I don’t feel like a thief – emphasizes Leszek Olchowik. They do not feel like thieves, and neither do other doctors who dispensed milk to seriously ill children. The record-holding doctor has to pay a fine of almost PLN 200,000.

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What does the new team at the Ministry of Health say about this? Nothing at all for now. – During the meeting with the president of the National Health Fund, Minister Izabela Leszczyna will raise this topic, she will deal with it and I hope that after this meeting I will be able to provide more details – says Damian Kuraś, spokesman for the Ministry of Health.

The president of the Supreme Medical Chamber claims that instead of talks, specific decisions are needed. – Enough talking. All these cards are on the table. I think the government is perfectly aware that these doctors have been harmed and are treated unfairly. We expect that instead of meetings and talks, the problem will simply be solved and the penalties will be invalidated – emphasizes Łukasz Jankowski.

Main photo source: Fakty TVN

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