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The National Operator provided additional explanations to the construction supervision inspector

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The poviat building supervision is of the opinion that mass events cannot take place on the National Park until the roof is repaired. He obliged the facility manager to present documents confirming that the roof defect had been properly removed. The PL.2012+ company, in a statement sent on Wednesday, assured that the National Park is a safe place, and the completed documents have already been submitted.

PGE Narodowy was taken out of service in November 2022, after a crack was detected on one of the elements of the roof structure. The so-called bypass, which relieved the faulty part. The stadium was closed for several months.

On February 24, representatives of PL.2012+, the operator of PGE Narodowy, in a message posted on social media, announced that according to experts, the stadium is a safe placeand the organization of events planned for 2023 is not at risk.

Experts from the AGH University of Science and Technology, who conducted an expert opinion on the facility on behalf of the stadium operator, confirmed this information on February 27 during a press conference organized at PGE Narodowy. The information pleased football lovers because it meant that the match scheduled for March 27 for the European Championships between Poland and Albania would take place at PGE Narodowy. However, it turns out that the organization of a sports event may be at risk.

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Firefighters had doubts, they applied to the building inspectorate for inspection

On March 10, the Poviat Building Supervision Inspectorate in Warsaw received a letter from the city commander of the State Fire Service in Warsaw. In it, firefighters inform about the inspection in the field of fire protection carried out in connection with the upcoming Poland-Albania match at PGE Narodowy, during which they found irregularities in the roof structure. Therefore, they applied to the poviat building inspectorate to inspect and provide information whether the irregularities found allow for further, safe use of the facility.

Less than two weeks earlier, on February 28, a representative of the PL.2012+ company submitted to the inspectorate a document on the technical condition of the facility and the conditions for its further use, prepared by designers and experts cooperating with the company.

Doubts of the construction supervision were raised by the following entry: “The Team of Experts declares that the defects found in cast steel elements should be removed or neutralized. The Team of Experts will undertake further work on developing a method of removing defects in cast steel elements. of the stadium.”

– It follows from the above that the existing irregularities in the structural elements of the roof of the stadium facility have not been removed, as well as solutions that guarantee the safety of the structure have not been applied, which, in the opinion of the authority, raises concerns about the safety of use of the PGE National Stadium facility – comments Małgorzata Ciupa from the Poviat Building Supervision Inspectorate for m of Warsaw.

The supervision requested the PL.2012+ company, which manages the stadium, to provide a document containing “an unambiguous position of a person with appropriate building qualifications that the stadium can be used in a way that does not pose a threat to people’s safety”.

– Currently, the building supervision authority is waiting for the submission of additional expert opinions, which will undoubtedly confirm the possibility of safe use of the facility – adds Ciupa.

In a letter addressed to the capital city hall, the Poviat Building Supervision Inspector informed that “mass events should not be held in the stadium until all irregularities regarding the roof structure are removed”.

“We believe the stadium is safe”

– In our opinion, there are no grounds for issuing a negative decision as to the organization of a mass event, but we understand that the issue of security is the most important for everyone and the institutions that decide on it must have appropriate documentation. Even today we will send explanations to the poviat building inspectorate, and if necessary, also the missing documentation. We hope that the situation will be clarified as soon as possible – Małgorzata Bajer, spokesperson for the operator of the PGE National Stadium, told us on Wednesday.

She emphasized that experts who cooperate with the operator PGE Narodowy monitor the technical condition of the facility on an ongoing basis and in their opinion the stadium is a safe place where events, including mass events, can take place. “That’s why we act as if we were organizing this match. In our opinion, the organization of the match at PGE Narodowy is not in danger – said the spokeswoman.

She assured that the team of experts is still working and the operator will strive to eliminate all defects found during the last inspection by the poviat building supervision. – However, at the moment, according to experts, the cracks that have been diagnosed on the roof structure elements do not affect safety and we have clear indications and assurances that the stadium is a safe place – Małgorzata Bajer told us.

City Hall will agree to the match if the building inspector gives the green light

The capital’s town hall has the opinion of the poviat building inspectorate, which ruled out the possibility of organizing mass events at the National Stadium. The office has until March 20 to issue consent to organize the Poland-Albania match. – If there is a green light from the poviat inspector, he will accept additional explanations of the stadium operator and sign the recommendation that – in the light of the new arrangements – it is safe to organize a mass event at the stadium, then we will absolutely not see any problem in issuing a positive decision – Monika Beuth, spokeswoman for the capital city hall, said in an interview with the tvn24.pl portal.

“We would not want to disrupt the football celebration in any way, but the matter must be clarified,” the spokeswoman added.

“You can organize all events”

On Wednesday, March 15, PL.2012+, the operator of PGE Narodowy in Warsaw, issued a statement on this matter.

The results of specialist research carried out in recent weeks allow for the organization of the Poland-Albania match scheduled for March 27, 2023 at the PGE Narodowy Stadium, as well as other all-stadium events. This fact is confirmed by documents dated February 24, 2023 and March 15, 2023, sent to the Poviat Building Supervision Inspectorate, prepared by experts with appropriate qualifications and indicating that the stadium is a safe place and mass events can be organized there.

“The stadium is a safe place where all events can be organized – both smaller conferences or meetings, as well as mass events. We would like to inform you that on February 28, 2023, the recommendations of the expert team confirming the fact that the stadium is a safe place were sent to the Poviat of the Building Supervision Inspectorate in Warsaw. On March 13, 2023, the facility operator received a letter from the National Building Inspectorate. Additional explanations were provided by the facility operator to the National Building Inspectorate on March 15, 2023. Both the document of February 24, 2023 and the document of March 15, 2023 clearly indicate that PGE Narodowy is a safe place where mass events can be organized. “It is also worth noting that the operator of PGE Narodowy organized a special press conference on February 27, 2023 with the participation of an expert team. During this meeting, experts discussed in detail both the specificity of the tests carried out and the interpretation of the results obtained. Moreover, the experts also presented their opinion and recommendation in Also during this conference, an expert team led by Krzysztof Żółtowski, Professor of the Gdańsk University of Technology, with the appropriate qualifications, emphasized that PGE Narodowy is a safe place where mass events can be organized” – added. “Let us remind you that immediately after detecting a defect in the roof’s steel-cable structure element, we took immediate action to secure and relieve the defective element, and then we started to determine the cause and develop a plan of further action. Just a month after the defect was detected, a bypass was installed, which allowed for restoring a part of the stadium to business activity.The decision to temporarily suspend the operation of the facility in November last year was made by the operator of the facility on the basis of the recommendation of the designer of the steel and cable structure of the roof. Currently, the expert team, consisting of outstanding practitioners and professors in the field of building structures, materials science, foundry and welding, clearly indicates that PGE Narodowy is a safe place. in terms of the number of planned events, as well as the emotions that football fans, fans of good music and motor sports enthusiasts will experience here. For years, PGE Narodowy has been a place of spectacular events that will be remembered for a long time. Only this year, PGE Narodowy, the House of the Polish National Team, as well as the arena of world stars will provide unforgettable experiences to millions of people.

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