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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

The National Reconstruction Plan and the decision of the European Commission. Information from the government in the Sejm

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On Wednesday, parliamentarians are dealing with the government’s information on the final version of the National Reconstruction Plan in the version including public consultations and the conclusions of the European Commission. The KPO has so far not been approved by the European Commission due to doubts about the Polish justice system. On tvn24.pl we provide a report from the session of the Sejm.

The European Commission is withholding the approval of the Polish National Reconstruction Plan, which is to be the basis for the payment of money from the Reconstruction Fund – the government at this stage applied for EUR 36 billion. At the beginning of September, EU commissioners signaled that delaying the decision on the disbursement of funds is related to the doubts raised by Poland regarding the superiority of EU law over national law.


On Wednesday, the Sejm session began, during which in the afternoon parliamentarians listen to the government’s information on the final wording of the National Reconstruction Plan in the version that includes public consultations and the conclusions of the European Commission.

  • Buda: We will want to create a path so that there is room for such consultations to take place.

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    Waldemar Buda: The European Commission paid attention to the creation of the law in the parliament, parliamentary bills. There was this kind of attention that the process of even parliamentary bills should have the character of banners, with the participation of social entities.

  • Buda: We have made a commitment to increase the care placement rate to 47,500. Very ambitious, but I understand that we agree that raising challenges on topics such as the number of places in nurseries is absolutely beneficial.

  • Buda: Another issue that was the subject of several meetings was caring for children up to 3 years of age.

  • Deputy Minister: She agreed to € 755 million for social and communal housing, which is a big problem for local governments and their residents.

  • Buda: The European Commission proposed to declare three renewable energy auctions under the reform.

  • Buda: KPO is approved on a technical level.

  • Deputy Minister: We ended this technical dialogue on July 12, our negotiated elements were accepted. From that moment on, there are no expectations from the European Commission as to the content of the KPO.

  • Buda: On February 26, we sent the KPO for public consultations. The KPO was sent to the EC in the working mode, and since then an informal dialogue has been taking place.

  • The Prime Minister’s announcement begins and is presented by Deputy Minister of Funds and Regional Policy, Waldemar Buda.

Main photo source: PAP / Mateusz Marek

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