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The Netherlands. The court has resumed the trial in the murder of journalist Peter R. de Vries. Another Pole accused

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The court in Amsterdam has resumed the trial in the murder of investigative journalist Peter R. de Vries. The prosecutor’s office also informed that the person who supplied the killers with weapons the day before the attack was a Pole, Konrad W. Two other Polish citizens are sitting next to him in the dock.

In a high-profile case of the murder of a popular investigative reporter, the prosecutor’s office accuses six people, including Dutch Delano G., who was supposed to pull the trigger, and Poles: Kamil E., suspected of driving a vehicle while fleeing the crime scene, and Krystian M., whom investigators accuse of organizing the journalist’s murder. The other defendants are the Dutch Erickson O. and Gerower M., who filmed the dying journalist and later posted the recordings on the Internet.

The court in Amsterdam decided in early November 2022 that the case had to be repeated because one of the judges who was to adjudicate had gone abroad permanently. Dutch law states that in this case the trial must be retrialed unless all parties to the proceedings agree that it should continue. As the newspaper “De Telegraaf” reported at the time, the lawyers of Kamil E.

Journalist Peter R. de Vries was shot in Amsterdam in July 2021Reuters Archive

Another Pole accused

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On Friday, the court resumed the trial and on the same day the prosecutor’s office announced that another Pole had been accused of participating in the murder. It is about Konrad W., who was supposed to provide the killers with weapons the day before the attack, as well as hand over a car and a special telephone number to contact the principal, i.e. Krystian M.

W. was hiding in Poland and was arrested last September. Dutch investigators charged him based on DNA traces in the car in which the killers of the journalist escaped.

Royce and Kelly de Vries, children of Peter R. de Vries, at a hearing about their father’s deathPhoto from January 6, 2023PAP/EPA/EVA PLEVIER

The murder of a journalist

De Vries was shot in Amsterdam July 6, 2021. The journalist was attacked shortly after he left the RTL4 TV studio. De Vries died a few days later, on July 15, in an Amsterdam hospital.

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Peter R. de Vries was widely known for his uncompromising reporting on the Dutch criminal world. He was a popular reporter, often commenting on high-profile criminal trials in the media.

Main photo source: Reuters Archive

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