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The next edition of the Wings for Life run is approaching. Anyone can take part, anywhere, thanks to the app

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The Wings for Life run will start this Sunday in Poznań. It will also take place in other locations in Poland. Runs under this name have been very popular for years.

There are almost no places left, although this year you can run in 24 locations only in Poland. Both in larger and smaller cities, and even in villages. Everyone will run to the common finish line.

– 100 percent of entry fees and subsidies collected during the run and communication go to the account of the “Wings for Life” Foundation, which finances research on the severed spinal cord – informs Ignacy Kraszewski, co-organizer of “Wings for Life” in Poland.

A one-of-a-kind run. Competitors from all over the world start at the same time

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This is the only race in the world where there is no specific finish line because the finish line is chasing them. Competitors from all over the world start simultaneously at 1 p.m. Polish time, and half an hour later a pursuit car sets off on the route, initially traveling at a speed of 14 km/h, gradually accelerating over time. – It used to be that we would finish there at 22-24 kilometers per hour. Today it is already around 32 – comments Adam Małysz, who also drove the car in previous editions.

Competitors fight to run as far as possible before the car catches up with them. Last year, the best among women in the world was Katarzyna Szcza. She ran over 55 kilometers. However, most participants do not run for the result.


– There's a really great atmosphere. People are running, pushing children in front with strollers, people with disabilities in wheelchairs, in endoskeletons – says Małysz. – People standing by the road often react very nicely to it, and that is such a positive thing – he adds.

Through ten editions of Wings for Life, over €43 million has been raised for research that helps people with spinal cord injuries. These funds supported nearly 300 research projects in 20 countries. Adam Małysz takes part in this event for another year in a row, which has long ceased to be just a sports event, and in addition has a strong position in Poland.

– We, as Poland, are truly unique when it comes to helping, but not only helping – Małysz points out. – I think that all the starting numbers for the Poznań race were sold out in five minutes – he sums up.

You can run with Wings for Life virtually anywhere

– This race is already a record, last year there were less than 15,000 participants, and on Sunday we crossed the barrier of 17,000. We know that these last days are still a time when the number of participants increases – points out Kraszewski.


Registration for stationary runs ended in November, but via special Wings for Life World Run application you can run with Wings for Life virtually anywhere.

– Someone who downloads the “Wings for Life” application and registers, whether he is in Masuria or the mountains, at 1 p.m. presses “start”, sets off, and how long he runs in such a place will be classified in this world classification – says Jakub Przygoński, ambassador of “Wings for Life”.

Report from the race on TVN24

Thanks to the application, we will know when the virtual finish line will catch up with us. In addition, participants gather for joint runs via the application. – Every person who has the opportunity, has time, downloads the application and registers by May 12, then we can run together in Warsaw in Skaryszewski Park – says Przygoński.

– Participants of the flag run in Poznań will receive them (special T-shirts – editor) in the starting packages, and participants of the run with the application will receive them by courier, and the whole world will run in such T-shirts – informs Kraszewski.

Last year, over 200,000 people took part in the 10th anniversary edition of Wings For Life around the world. This year, up to 300,000 runners are expected. The report from the race will be available on TVN24 and TVN24 GO.

Author:Michał Gołębiowski

Main photo source: TVN24

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