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The northern lights may appear over Poland. A cloud of plasma rushes towards Earth

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There were strong flares on the Sun. A cloud of plasma thrown into space is heading towards Earth. This means that spectacular aurora borealis may appear in the sky. Very good conditions for observing multi-colored lights are possible over Poland.

Scientists have observed several powerful flares on the Sun this week, resulting in coronal mass ejections (CMEs). These are high-energy plasma clouds ejected into interplanetary space. The strongest flare occurred on Wednesday. It had a class of M9.8, so it was just short of being included in the class of the strongest solar flares. It is directed towards the Earth.

It is forecast to combine with previous coronal mass ejections, possibly producing a strong one storms geomagnetic. In the classification of the American National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), it can receive a G3 rating, i.e. high. In such conditions, the appearance is possible aurora borealis even in latitudes where they occur rarely, including Poland.

Multi-colored lights in the sky may be visible in the sky from November 30 to December 1.

“A moment ago, from the active area 3500 on the Sun, there was an M9.8-class flare, ALMOST X-class! The area is currently directed centrally towards the Earth. In the next several hours, there should be confirmation of the observation (or not) of a coronal mass ejection from this phenomenon. If it happens, we can expect great aurora conditions on Friday,” Karol Wójcicki, the author of the blog “With Your Head in the Stars”, informed on social media on Wednesday.

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