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The northern part of the cemetery in Trzebinia is open to visitors

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From Monday, the northern part of the parish cemetery at ul. John Paul II – the parish in Trzebinia-Siersza gave. In September 2022, the ground collapsed in the southern part of the necropolis and swallowed several dozen tombstones. Since then, the use of the necropolis has been limited.

In September 2022 part of the ground in the cemetery collapsed and engulfed more than 40 tombstones. From then on, the use of the cemetery was limited – only persons carrying out necessary maintenance and security works were allowed there, and the possibility of burial depended on the location of the grave.

Photo from September 2022

The sinkhole at the cemetery in Trzebinia – photo from September 2022TVN24

The Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary Parish in Trzebinia-Sierszy informed about the lifting of the ban on its website and in social media. According to the information, the northern, unthreatened part of the parish cemetery is available to visitors from Monday. You can enter it through the gate from ul. John Paul II.

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“We kindly ask you to comply with the markings placed on the cemetery and not to enter the southern part of the cemetery, which is threatened with sinkholes, which has been separated with a warning tape” – noted the representatives of the parish.

This month, the use of the northern part of the parish cemetery in Trzebinia-Siersza was allowed by Spółka Restrukturownictwa Kopalń, which is responsible for post-mining damage caused by the former hard coal mine “Siersza”. SRK, after analyzing the mining documentation, decided that this area is safe. Most of the necropolis is still dangerous and will remain fenced off with tape.

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A series of sinkholes in Trzebinia

The collapse of part of the cemetery and the absorption of over 40 graves in September last year initiated a series of sinkholes. Earlier, for 20 years after the liquidation of the mine, sinkholes occurred sporadically, and from 2021 this phenomenon has intensified.


The post-mining damage is caused by the former “Siersza” hard coal mine operating in this town since the mid-nineteenth century. In the years 1999-2001 the mine closed down. According to experts, the deformations are caused by water constantly flowing into the post-mining excavations and the type of soil – there are sands, gravels and clays.

Main photo source: TVN24

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