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The nucleus of a whirlwind in the Opole region

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In the Opolskie Voivodeship, in the village of Nowa Cerekwia, a condensation funnel, i.e. the nucleus of a whirlwind, appeared on Wednesday. We received photos and a recording of this phenomenon at Kontakt 24.

Wednesday brought a violent aura to many regions of the country. Storms appeared, among others, in the Opole region, Mazovia, Lublin region, Western Pomerania, Podlasie and Lower Silesia. The discharges were accompanied by rainfall of up to 10-20 liters of water per square meter and wind gusts of up to 60-80 kilometers per hour.

After heavy rainfall, the street near the Commune Office in Wejherowo was under water, and two cellars were also flooded. Apart from the rain, there was also hail on Wednesday.

The germ of a whirlwind

On Kontakt 24 we got photos and a recording of a whirlwind seed that was created in the village of Nowa Cerekwia, located in the Opolskie Voivodeship.

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How is a whirlwind formed?

Initially, from the base of a storm cloud, such as a cumulonimbus, a condensation funnel develops towards the ground. It is also called a tube. It occurs when there are strong upstream currents in the cloud. Usually at a certain altitude there is a wind shear and this current starts to twist. At some point, it begins to swirl, and the water vapor in it begins to condense. If the ascending currents in the cloud are strongly developed, the rotating column will touch the ground and a whirlwind will be created.

The seed of whirlwinds in the Opole region

The seed of whirlwinds in the Opole regionMaroix72 / Contact 24

Main photo source: Maroix72 / Contact 24

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