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The number of policemen at events with Kaczyński’s participation. There is a response from the Gdansk police

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Two events with the participation of PiS president Jarosław Kaczyński were secured by a total of 1,120 police officers, according to the response given by the press team of the Provincial Police Commander in Gdańsk to an interpellation by KO MP Cezary Tomczyk. Officers emphasize that “this did not cause additional costs.” One of these events was the opening ceremony of the canal through the Vistula Spit, which was secured by over 800 policemen due to the presence of the president and prime minister.

Cezary Tomczyk asked the Provincial Police Commander in Gdańsk about the number of officers who secured the visits of the MP in 2022 Jarosław Kaczyński in the Pomeranian Voivodeship and the cost of such security.

The answer to the KO MP’s question was signed by Superintendent Andrzej Łapiński, the provincial police chief in Gdańsk. He noted that “the policemen of the Pomeranian garrison did not secure the envoy’s visits to Sejm of the Republic of Poland Mr. Jarosław Kaczyński”. However, as he added, security measures were implemented for two events during which Kaczyński was a guest.

As we read in the letter, one of them was the opening ceremony of the shipping channel through the Vistula Spit. According to the commander, 828 police officers took part in the security. “The protection in question covered, outside the area of ​​the Nowy Świat Harbor Master’s Office, also access roads to the Mierzeja, adjacent waters and the area of ​​a mass event – a concert for about 10,000 people” – said the police officer.

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The ceremony was attended primarily by the president Andrzej Duda and Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, i.e. the most important people in the country.

The second event, according to the document, was a public gathering of sympathizers and party members Law and Justice. The meeting was secured by 292 policemen.

“Taking into account the previous experience in the country, when planning the activities in question, including the amount of forces and resources necessary for effective operation, it was necessary to take into account the possibility of events, i.e. spontaneous assemblies, which could have a negative impact on the state of security and public order,” the official said.

He emphasized that “the adopted organization and tactics of actions did not generate any additional costs, going beyond the costs related to the functioning of the Police in the implementation of statutory tasks related to ensuring public safety and order”.


Opposition representatives have already drawn attention to the issue of police protection of events involving Kaczyński. In October, MP Adam Szłapka and Senator Krzysztof Brejza from the Civic Coalition announced at a conference in the Sejm on the results of the inspection in the field of security of Jarosław Kaczyński’s meetings. They noted that they waited three months for a response – in the mode of access to public information.

– Only at one meeting, on July 23 in the Poznań district, 189 police officers and 60 vehicles were used to protect Jarosław Kaczyński – reported Szłapka. – This is an army. This is a state army used on the political order of Mariusz Kamiński to protect one MP – he assessed. He reminded that “SOP officers” and “party security” are also added to this composition.

In 2021, the reporters of tvn24.pl and the “Czarno na Białej” magazine determined that at least 40 uniformed policemen and undercover officers in unmarked police cars guard the vicinity of Jarosław Kaczyński’s house during the day. The editors also revealed that reinforced police forces guard not only the vicinity of the PiS president’s villa, but also the church in Warsaw’s Nowe Miasto district during the mass that Jarosław Kaczyński usually attends.

Main photo source: Adam Warżawa/PAP

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