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The Pegasus case, disputes within PiS, improved relations with Brussels. Foreign media about the situation in Poland

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This may be the most important committee of this term. This is about the investigative commission into the Pegasus case, which has started its substantive work in the Polish Sejm. It was established to precisely explain the scale of surveillance under the United Right. The importance of the commission is also seen and described by the press outside Poland.

An investigation is starting into the Pegasus spy program, purchased by the former nationalist-populist Law and Justice government, reports the Brussels portal EUobserver, and Euronews suggests that the scale of the problem may surprise. “The use of Pegasus software by the PiS party – which was removed from power in last year’s elections – appears to be much wider than initially suspected,” emphasizes Euronews and adds that PiS denies the use of spy software and claims that all activities of the secret services under their rule were legal.

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Foreign media point out that, among other things, subsequent scandals involving the PiS government – exposed by the new government – have already led to the loss of support for Jarosław Kaczyński’s party, and Law and Justice may face a real revolution. As the British Financial Times points out, “Polish nationalists are preparing to fight for leadership.” “Poland’s main opposition party is preparing for a battle over whether to replace its founder and leader, whose political fight with pro-EU Prime Minister Donald Tusk has alienated many voters,” reports the Financial Times. As journalists add, there are internal discussions whether 74-year-old Kaczyński should retire.

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The Pegasus committee has started. A list of witnesses was establishedMaciej Knapik/Fakty TVN

Saving democracy?

The British “Prospect Magazine” sums up the government headed by Kaczyński briefly – Polish democracy was close to death at that time. “For Polish democracy, Tusk’s victory last autumn came at the last minute. Jarosław Kaczyński, who rules without a portfolio but with an iron fist, the president of PiS, and therefore the de facto political leader of Poland, mentioned from time to time that he needed a third term in power to ultimately and irreversibly change the country,” says “Prospect Magazine”. The magazine – describing the current situation in Poland – quotes Lech Wałęsa: “it is easy to convert an aquarium into fish soup – you just need to heat the water. But the challenge is to turn the fish soup into an aquarium again.” Even more so if the president himself makes it difficult.

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The American Bloomberg television network points out that Poland is preparing to fight to recover blocked billions of EU aid and intends to present Brussels with a detailed plan to repair the judiciary and restore the rule of law. But here – as journalists point out – Andrzej Duda may again stand in Donald Tusk’s way, as he “approved the vast majority of the questioned changes in the judiciary and has already called several government moves illegal and has undertaken to block them.” “The US ratings agency Fitch warned that the level and frequency of confrontations exceeded their expectations and could complicate the release of billions of euros in EU aid,” Bloomberg adds.

Szlapka about KPO: everything indicates that this money will be saved

Szlapka about KPO: everything indicates that this money will be savedTVN24

The special role of Poland

But while the political temperature is rising in Poland, according to French public radio, since PiS lost the elections and Donald Tusk became prime minister again, tension in the European Union has dropped significantly. However, the British “The Guardian” emphasizes that Poland is today on the front line of the fighting for Ukraine, which could easily spread. Therefore – according to British journalists – it was the responsibility of the new Polish Prime Minister to convince European leaders to take action and stop Vladimir Putin from further aggression.

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“The idea of ​​Poland taking leadership in Europe is foreign, although it was the norm in the 16th and 17th centuries. Polish energy and ideas, although often misdirected under the rule of the previous hard right, now put to shame the lackluster politicians in Berlin, Paris and London,” he notes. The Guardian”, which also points out that Tusk is rebuilding bridges with Brussels destroyed by his Eurosceptic predecessors, and, together with the leaders of France and Germany, he has also revived the Weimar Triangle.

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The daily emphasizes that Poland’s pursuit of unity and greater integration comes in the face of growing fears that the US will withdraw from NATO if Donald Trump is elected president, who “could deal a fatal blow to Ukraine in the back and break up the transatlantic alliance.” “To survive such a scenario, Europe may need its own political ‘miracle on the Vistula’, but this time on the Spree, the Seine, the Tiber and the Thames. And who knows? Maybe Tusk, heroically overcoming adversity in his country, will emerge as the new Piłsudski of Europe?” ” – says “The Guardian”.

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