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Thursday, December 9, 2021

The penguin swam three thousand kilometers and ended up in New Zealand

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A penguin was found on a beach in New Zealand. As it turned out, the bird traveled over three thousand kilometers – it came from Antarctica. This is the third recorded instance of this species being found on the island.

On Wednesday (November 10), Harry Singh, a resident of New Zealand’s South Island, strolling along the beach at Birdlings Flat, in the Canterbury region, he came across a penguin.

“At first I thought it was a stuffed toy,” Harry Singh told the BBC. “Suddenly the penguin moved his head, so I realized it was a living animal,” he added. The man waited four hours for the arrival of rescuers from the New Zealand Animal Protection Department.

It is the third recorded case of finding the Adela penguin (Latin. Pygoscelis adeliae), also called the white-eyed penguin off the coast of New Zealand.

New Zealand. Adelie’s lost penguin

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As Harry Singh said, the penguin looked exhausted from the long journey. The man did not want the flightless bird to fall prey to predatory animals. “We didn’t want it to end up in a dog’s or a cat’s stomach,” he reported. The locals named the lost animal Pingu.

The penguin was released back into the wild on Friday (November 12) in Magnet Bay, in the southern part of the Banks Peninsula.

Main photo source: Reuters

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