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The percentage of Warsaw residents who cannot afford a flat is growing

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Only every fourth Warsaw resident agrees with the statement that they can buy an apartment in the capital at a reasonable price. Six years ago, this rate was 37 percent.

The clearest difference can be seen in 2020. Because in the years 2017-2019, the rate of people who indicated that they could afford an apartment at a reasonable price ranged from 29 to 37 percent. In 2020, it dropped to 20% and remained at a similar level. A year ago it even dropped to 19%, now it is 24%.

The data comes from the Warsaw Barometer. This is a survey used to monitor residents’ opinions about the most important areas of life in the capital. The results show every year how Warsaw residents perceive the work of the local government and services and whether they are satisfied with the city’s services and offer. From 2023, it is being implemented in four waves, which are assigned to different areas of the city’s functioning.

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Author:Interestingly, the results are not so clear when it comes to the cost of rent. In 2017, as much as 40 percent respondents assessed that they could afford to rent an apartment at a reasonable price. Later, the indicator fluctuated between 26 and 42 percent, and last year it stopped at 34.

Apartment prices in the capital have been rising continuously for years. In 2017, when Barometer was launched, the average price per square meter of an apartment in Warsaw was, according to real estate websites, approximately PLN 7,600,000. In 2020, it was already approximately PLN 9,800 per meter. At the end of last year it was already 15 thousand, and according to some data even more than 16 thousand. PLN per square meter.

In which district are the residents most satisfied with their lives?

The fourth wave of the survey in 2023 shows that the vast majority of Warsaw residents are satisfied with life in their city (85%) and their district (85%). The most satisfied with life in Warsaw are the inhabitants of the following districts: Wesoła (93%) and Wilanów (93%). However, the residents of Mokotów are the most satisfied with life in their district (93%). In terms of satisfaction with life in Warsaw, the residents of Targówek are the worst (82%), and the residents of Praga-Północ are the least satisfied with life in their district (84%).

The majority of Warsaw residents positively evaluate the actions of the Mayor of Warsaw, Rafał Trzaskowski (74%) and the city authorities (67%).

This year, there is a visible decrease in the number of respondents choosing Warsaw when it comes to choosing a place of residence (66% compared to 89% in 2021), although respondents assess their living conditions as very or rather good (91%).

Main photo source: Leszek Szymański/PAP

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