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Friday, December 3, 2021

The PGNiG Group will supply gas to Moldova

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The PGNiG Group company – PGNiG Supply & Trading together with the American-Ukrainian ERU Group won a tender for the sale of gas to Moldova, PGNiG reported in a press release. It will be the first-ever supply of non-Russian gas to this country. Since October 22, the country has been in a state of emergency after gas supplies were cut. Tomorrow there will be a million cubic meters of gas.

According to reports, PGNiG Supply & Trading (PST), in cooperation with the ERU group, will supply Moldova with a million cubic meters of natural gas on Tuesday, October 26.

PGNiG and ERU won the tender for gas supplies to Moldova

This is the result of a tender for a one-off gas fuel supply announced by the state-owned company Energocom. The tender was organized as a matter of urgency in connection with the restriction of gas supplies to Moldova by Gazprom.

The gas will be delivered through the collection point on the Moldovan-Ukrainian border. When implementing the contract, PST will cooperate with the ERU group, which is a leading partner of PGNiG in Ukraine.

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Russia restricts gas supplies to Moldova

As a result of the restriction of gas supplies, the Moldovan government declared a state of emergency on 22 October. According to the local authorities, the volume of gas sent to the country was not only insufficient to meet the needs of consumers, but also carried the risk of serious disruptions in the operation of the transmission system as a result of insufficient pressure in the gas pipelines.

The existing contract for the supply of Russian gas expired on September 30, and the parties agreed to extend it by one month. Moldova receives gas in October for $ 790 per 1 thousand. cubic meters, while in September the price was 550 USD.

Gazprom said it would only be willing to extend the contract until November if the Moldovan authorities would pay for deliveries in September and October.

A Reuters source familiar with the case said Moldova asked the gas giant to cut prices by half. The agency’s other interlocutor informed that Gazprom had proposed a 25 percent cut.

Main photo source: PGNiG

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