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The phone call from Donald Tusk surprised many voters. The PO leader called to thank for the donations

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Donald Tusk personally calls and thanks for the donations to the party. It’s not millions, it’s small amounts. The chairman of the Civic Platform also returned to the electoral route, to open, public meetings.

“Rudy has come to Ostróda” – this is the only comment from Donald Tusk’s website in response to the words of Jarosław Kaczyński, who warned voters to beware of “Rudy”.

In the middle of the holidays, it is not easy to attend political meetings. Donald Tusk in Ostróda did not hide that he had not expected such a turnout. “You guys really made up your mind and decided to take matters into your own hands. The authorities feel less and less unpunished every day – said the leader of the Civic Platform to the gathered.

This force – as Tusk said – wants change, and its expression is to be the march on October 1 – just before the elections, to make everyone realize that even if they are not interested in politics, politics will be interested in them.

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The PO leader, referring to the PiS campaign on security, warned that the authorities deliberately invoke fear. Donald Tusk also assured that if the authorities wanted to postpone the elections, the march would last not one day, but many days. – In my opinion, they will even be ready to use security issues, threats due to the war, events and activities in Belarus to block democratic procedures in Poland – said Tusk. – We will say: no, you will not steal our democracy. You will not steal our victory from Poles and Poles, he added.

Tusk: Let’s give full faith in victory on October 1TVN24

Attack on the PO leader

Even before Donald Tusk appeared in Ostróda, the PO leader was attacked by Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. – An excellent opportunity to explain and apologize for the liquidation of the military unit in Ostróda – said the head of the government.

The prime minister was wrong. The liquidation of the unit was planned in 2001 – under the rule of the SLD, which is confirmed by a parliamentary document signed by the then Minister of Defence. Jarosław Kaczyński, who voted for the law on the reconstruction of the armed forces, also contributed to the liquidation of the unit.

– This is not the first time that Mr. Mateusz is wrong, he would like to please his former boss very much, and each time he comes out differently and each time he somehow beats the current boss – commented Tusk.

Thanks for your donations

The march on June 4 cost PLN 5 million, which the Civic Coalition had to raise on its own in the form of loans and from individuals. Donald Tusk presented a video on the Internet in which he can be seen calling people who have paid into the Platform’s account.

– The thanks are to thank people, Poles and Poles, who know that without them and without finance we will not win the elections with PiS – points out Monika Wielichowska, PO MP. – I am proud that we thank people for PLN 30, which they pay to our campaign and I am proud that we do not steal public money from the state budget – emphasizes Sławomir Nitras, PO MP.

The treasurer of the Platform says that citizens have so far paid over PLN 6 million. – This is a huge financial injection. First of all, we also see huge activity of people here, because over 13,000 people paid money and these are payments from PLN 20-30 to PLN 50,000, but the average payment is usually PLN 100-200 – informs Jan Grabiec, PO MP.

Payments over PLN 10,000 in one year, in accordance with the law, are published by PO on its website. He doesn’t have to and doesn’t want smaller ones – above all, so as not to endanger people who prefer to remain anonymous.

– I think that each person to whom such a call was made felt that they were participating in an important project, because this is a really important project – comments Adam Szłapka, MP from the Civic Coalition.

The spending limit for the campaign, which will formally begin when the president announces the election date, is approximately PLN 40 million.

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