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The “phone that fell into the toilet” scam. They lost several thousand zlotys. The police comply

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“Hey mom, my phone fell into the toilet today” – this is the message received by the inhabitants of Ełk (Warmińsko-Mazurskie Voivodeship). Then there was a request to transfer money. Parents realized that they had fallen victim to scammers only when they transferred almost PLN 4,000.

A resident of Ełk received this message on her phone: “Hey mom, my phone fell into the toilet today”.

According to police, the scammer, who claimed to be the woman’s daughter, then asked for the money to be transferred. Because if the phone does not work, so does the banking application, and you need to make payments urgently.

She got a message that her daughter’s phone fell into the toilet (illustration photo) Shutterstock

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She found out when she called her daughter

“It just so happened that the adult daughter lives in a different place, started a new job, so it also made the situation credible to the parents. Wanting to help, they transferred over PLN 3,700 to the given account” – we read in the message on the website of the Poviat Police Headquarters in Ełk.

The woman only realized that she had fallen victim to a scammer when she called her daughter and it turned out that she was not the one who wrote to her.

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Police: We cannot act hastily

“We are talking about this story as a warning. Many people can lose their money in this way, because scammers often attack and trigger emotions. They use the natural concern of parents for children and the willingness to help, and impose time pressure” – the policemen emphasize.

The scammer sent this message KPP in Ełk

As the officers point out, we should treat any financial request over the phone with care and vigilance.

“In such situations, we cannot act hastily. Let’s check in every possible way whether our child is actually asking for money” – warns the police.

Main photo source: Elk police, Shutterstock

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