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The pilot circled around for the passengers to view the Northern Lights. An “amazing” culmination of an engagement journey

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The pilot of a flight from Iceland to Manchester made a 360-degree turn specifically so that all passengers could see the northern lights. This phenomenon, of exceptional beauty, has delighted the inhabitants of many regions of Europe, including Poland, for the last nights. For one of those on board, it was an “amazing” – as he stressed – culmination of a trip during which he proposed to his girlfriend, and she agreed to marry him.

The EasyJet pilot made a full circle during the voyage to give passengers a great view northern lights. The plane was flying from Iceland to Manchester, England. Stunning flares were also seen, among others, in Poland, We received many photos and recordings of the phenomenon on Kontakt 24.

Many thanks to the “very nice” pilot

Posting the story of his trip on social media, one passenger – Adam Groves from Lymm, Cheshire, England – thanked the pilot of flight EZY1806 from Reykjavik to Manchester who “did a 360 (degree) mid-flight to make sure all passengers were could see the amazing Northern Lights.” It happened southwest of the Faroe Islands.

As he told the BBC, this view was the perfect end to his four-day trip, during which he became engaged. Groves reported that he and his fiancée Jasmine were seated on the right side of the plane and would not have been able to see the lights in the sky had it not been for the “very nice” pilot.

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“It was the perfect ending to a very special trip,” Jasmine admitted.

On a trip to Iceland he proposed and was acceptedAdam Groves/Twitter

In Iceland, they failed to “hunt” the aurora

Iceland is famous for its Northern Lights and that was one of the reasons why the couple chose this destination. Unfortunately, they had no luck. According to the Briton, they traveled all over the island, hunting for the Northern Lights, but without success. “We had hoped to see her while we were there, but we didn’t,” Groves said. Only on the way back the situation changed.

– In the middle of the flight, the pilot turned off all the lights and the view could be seen through the left window. But we were sitting on the right side. After a few minutes, the pilot did a 360-degree loop for everyone to see, the man recalled.

Airlines comment

An EasyJet spokeswoman said she was pleased that the captain “was able to execute a controlled maneuver to allow passengers to witness an amazing display of one of nature’s greatest sights.”

This is not the only case when the pilots decided to show passengers the aurora in all its glory. Similar impressions were experienced by those flying with Finnair from Kuusamo to Helsinki.

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Main photo source: Adam Groves/Twitter

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