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The PiS government agreed to allow waste to enter Poland. Marcin Kierwiński comments: Poland has become the garbage dump of Europe

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Under the agreements concluded by the PiS government, nearly 100,000 waste will enter Poland from abroad – “Fakty” TVN found out. – Poland has become the garbage dump of Europe – said Marcin Kierwiński, MP from the Civic Coalition. He declared that the new government would “effectively change this.”

When it became clear that PIS will not have a majority in the Sejm capable of governing, the president Jaroslaw Kaczynski he began to argue that Poland would be terrorized by garbage mafias. Meanwhile, under the agreements obtained by “Fakty” TVN, concluded by the United Right government, Nearly 100,000 tons of waste, including hazardous, will enter Poland from abroad.

PiS agreed to import hazardous waste from abroad, including Germany. “Immorality”Paweł Płuska/Fakty TVN

– Only the documents I have in front of me amount to 92,000 tons. If you put them in trucks side by side, the distance is approximately from the center of Warsaw to Łowicz and there’s still some left. This is something extraordinary – said Paweł Płuska, a journalist from “Fakty”, on Friday on TVN24.

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As he added, “Jarosław Kaczyński, shouting about the fact that this garbage is coming from Germany, that it will be coming, that we will be flooded with these garbage mafias, probably really did not know what his officials were doing and what consents were being issued.”

Płuska regarding permission to import waste into Poland

Płuska regarding permission to import waste into PolandTVN24

Kierwiński: Poland has become the garbage dump of Europe

The findings of “Fakty” TVN were commented by KO MP Marcin Kierwiński, noting that “Recent years have been a process of bringing a gigantic amount of waste to Poland. Poland has become the garbage dump of Europe,” he said.

He said that “this shows the directions of PiS government.” – They poisoned the Polish air, they poisoned the Polish land, they poisoned the Polish waters. Everything related to environmental protection, the quality of the natural environment in which we live, has deteriorated during the PiS government.

– Today’s change of government is a guarantee that normality will finally return, that ecology, clean air, clean climate will finally become the priority of the Polish government. We will certainly block this type of import of dangerous materials into Poland. We will do it effectively, he declared.

Main photo source: Fakty TVN

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