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The PiS president is silent on the Justice Fund, although those in power are calling him to the board. “It's not just Zia's business

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The more recordings, the more questions about political responsibility for the Justice Fund scandal. This is not just a matter of Zbigniew Ziobro – argue those in power, expecting specific reactions from President Jarosław Kaczyński. The PiS president remains silent.

The topic of the Justice Fund will most likely dominate the last week of the election campaign, both on the streets and at press conferences. – This is not just a matter of Ziobro or one party. This is a matter for the entire United Right camp, argues Dariusz Joński, the Civic Coalition's candidate in the European Parliament elections. – They certainly knew about it and tolerated it because it was beneficial to them, and now they will be ashamed of it – says Marek Belka, the Left's candidate in the European Parliament elections.

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Although the heroes of subsequent recordings are politicians of Sovereign Poland and former officials of the Ministry of Justice during the government of Zbigniew Ziobro, at the end of the election campaign any such serious scandal may burden the entire PiS and deprive Jarosław Kaczyński's candidates of several percent of votes.

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Jarosław Kaczyński, who on Friday did not want to answer any questions about the millions of zlotys spent by Sovereign Poland politicians from the Justice Fund, is aware that PiS will not be able to keep silent about this matter a week before the elections and in the face of further revealed recordings.

– If Kaczyński still has a bit of contact with reality, he should immediately distance himself from all these people – says Robert Biedroń, the Left's candidate in the European Parliament elections.

Arłukowicz: Kaczyński bears full responsibility for what happened in the Justice FundTVN24

There are 10 Sovereign Poland politicians running from PiS lists

When asked about the Justice Fund issue, PiS candidates either try to argue that it is not an important issue for voters or that they prefer to wait until the court's verdict to express their opinions. – When the credibility of these tapes is confirmed, we will talk – assures Anna Gembicka, candidate of Law and Justice in the European Parliament elections.

The Minister of Justice and Attorney General Adam Bodnar has no doubts about the credibility of the recordings. – The facts speak for themselves. I think that, taking into account everything that the prosecutor's office has done previously, there are no major doubts about the authenticity of these recordings – says Adam Bodnar. – If there are any shortcomings or if the law was broken, it should be accounted for – comments Beata Szydło, candidate of Law and Justice in the European Parliament elections.

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The first reservations regarding the spending of millions of zlotys were already revealed when Beata Szydło – today a candidate for the European Parliament – was the head of government.

– We need to show every voter that Sovereign Poland, previously Solidarna Poland, was the cancer that was gnawing at the Ministry of Justice – says Borys Budka, candidate of the Civic Coalition in the European Parliament elections.

Ten politicians from Sovereign Poland are running in the European elections from the Law and Justice lists.

Main photo source: PAP/Tomasz Waszczuk

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