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The Pixel 8 Professional temperature sensor received’t let you know your physique temperature

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The Pixel 8 Pro has an infrared temperature sensor. Why does the Pixel 8 Professional have a temperature sensor?

For an uncommon characteristic on a $1,000 flagship cellphone, Google actually isn’t saying a lot about it. The Pixel 8 Pro announcement mentions it virtually in passing:

And on the again of the Pixel 8 Professional, a brand new temperature sensor helps you to rapidly scan an object to get its temperature. Use it to examine in case your pan is scorching sufficient to begin cooking or if the milk in your child’s bottle is on the proper temperature. We’ve additionally submitted an software to the FDA, to allow Pixel’s Thermometer App to take your temperature and put it aside to Fitbit.

Any off-the-shelf infrared thermometer can let you know the temperature of a scorching pan or a child bottle. However the on the spot you level it at a human being and begin saying you’re measuring physique temperature, congratulations: that’s medical knowledge, you’re a Class II medical gadget, and also you want Meals and Drug Administration clearance.

Right here’s the place it will get a bit of bit sophisticated: Google doesn’t want clearance for the cellphone itself, and even for the temperature sensor per se. Technically, it doesn’t even want clearance to learn your pores and skin temperature so long as it’s utilizing the information for one thing aside from telling you your physique temperature. (A number of firms already use infrared temperature sensors constructed into smartwatches for sleep monitoring and cycle prediction, however they’re all very cautious not to point out you that info as physique temperature.)

You may assume, “Okay, however what if I simply take my temperature with it anyway?” Whereas there’s nothing stopping you from pointing it at your brow at present, that received’t let you know your physique temperature, simply the temperature of the floor of your brow. Not the identical factor! My non-contact infrared thermometer says I’ve a physique temperature of 98.3 levels Fahrenheit. However once I change it to floor mode, I’m a cool 94.7 F in the identical spot.

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There are a pair methods to get FDA clearance (not approval) for Class II units, and Google wouldn’t inform us which avenue it’s going for or when it filed for approval. De novo authorization — which Apple sought for the Apple Watch’s on-wrist EKG detection back in the day — is for units that aren’t like the rest available on the market and are “fairly secure and efficient.”

There’s nothing notably novel a couple of non-contact infrared thermometer, although. It’s potential Google has requested for 510k clearance, which implies that the corporate submits a bunch of data about the thermometer, and if the FDA decides it’s practical, unlikely to trigger hurt, and considerably much like different accepted scientific infrared thermometers, it’s cleared on the market. With out that clearance, Google can’t let the Pixel 8 Professional let you know your physique temperature, even when it’s completely able to doing so.

The temperature app makes use of the temperature sensor to let you know the temperature of one thing. As you’d anticipate.
Photograph by Allison Johnson / The Verge

Your physique temperature is an effective indication of whether or not you might have a fever, and a fever is an effective indication of whether or not you’re sick. That’s info that may affect what sort of medical care you obtain. And since that’s medical knowledge, as a part of the FDA clearance process, Google additionally has to show that its data privacy practices comply with HIPAA. That’s most likely why physique temperature knowledge can be saved to Fitbit as an alternative of your Google account. Fitbit knowledge is siloed, and Fitbit has the capacity to comply with HIPAA.

What’s not clear but is why Google put a temperature sensor on the Pixel 8 Professional and goes to the difficulty of requesting FDA clearance to make use of it for physique temperature readings. We requested 4 totally different Google spokespeople, and all 4 responded (promptly!) with a variant on the next: “All we are able to share right now is that we submitted an software to the FDA so you may individually use our Thermometer App to take your personal temperature after which put it aside to Fitbit.”

The Verge’s resident wellness gadget and FDA clearance skilled, Vee Track, speculates that knowledge from an FDA-cleared physique thermometer might be used for illness prediction and cycle monitoring, which different firms have already finished with wearable temperature sensors. Or it may simply be laying groundwork for future medical tech plans. Possibly Google needs to promote a bunch of Pixels to hospital techniques!

The entire scenario is paying homage to the skin temperature sensor on the Galaxy Watch 5 and 6. Samsung encourages you to make use of it as a contactless thermometer to examine the temperature of family objects, and it’s used to measure baseline pores and skin temperature modifications for sleep monitoring and interval monitoring. Nevertheless it explicitly received’t offer you your physique temperature. In each {cases}, it seems like the corporate added the sensor so as to monitor physique temperature and is fishing round for different issues to do with it that don’t require as a lot paperwork.

FDA clearance can take some time. The primary Withings ScanWatch didn’t go on sale within the US for almost two years whereas it awaited clearance for its EKG and blood oxygen features. That took 16 months. It’s price noting that whereas the ScanWatch 2 has an infrared temperature sensor, Withings, like Samsung, is just using the data obliquely to avoid having to get FDA clearance. So far as I can inform, no smartwatch or cellphone has but been cleared to supply physique temperature knowledge by way of infrared sensor, so who is aware of how lengthy clearance will take for the Pixel 8 Professional.

Within the meantime, at the very least your $1,000 cellphone has a cool occasion trick.

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