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The plane from New York to Warsaw has not departed, passengers are waiting at the airport

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Passengers flying from New York to Warsaw are stuck at an airport in the United States. The reason is supposed to be a defect of the plane. We received the first information on Contact 24.

The editorial office of Kontakt 24 was contacted by a man who informed about the delayed flight from New York to Warsaw. The reason was supposed to be a fault, and then the crew’s working time was exceeded. As he added, passengers are still staying at the terminal in New York.

They are waiting at the airport “sitting on suitcases”

“The flight to Warsaw was to take place on Saturday at 10:05 local time, first a delayed departure by 1.5 hours, then the passengers were kept on board the plane for nearly four hours. The flight did not start due to an electrical fault, then it turned out that the crew has exceeded the working time and cannot fly out “- he described.

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“After this information, passengers were returned to the terminal, a dozen or so sandwiches were allocated for the entire plane and we were informed that we were not entitled to a hotel, any meal or any other convenience, even in the form of coffee. Over 200 people, both elderly and parents with young children, are waiting for departure The plane is postponed to 12.00 local time sitting on suitcases at the terminal. There is no representative and no help on the part of LOT “- he wrote.

Defect and end of crew working time

The editorial staff of Kontakt 24 contacted Krzysztof Moczulski, spokesman for LOT Polish Airlines. – Due to the defect of the plane and the end of the crew’s working time, the departure of the flight LO27 was postponed to 15.00 UTC on July 17 – the spokesman briefly reported.

We also informed about a collision of planes on the apron of Chopin Airport:

A collision of planes on the tarmac of Chopin Airport

Contact 24, tvnwarszawa.pl

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