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The police appeal to drivers before All Saints’ Day. “It’s slippery and wet, so you have to be careful on the roads”

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All Saints’ Day is getting closer and there is more and more traffic on the roads – mainly around cemeteries. The traffic police appeals to people to be careful and pay attention to the frequently changing traffic organization.

On Saturday after 12:00 in Białystok, the driver of a passenger car probably ran a red light at an intersection. There was a collision with a bus carrying seven children. – When our units arrived at the scene, all people were out of the vehicles. One child had a cut to the head. It was provided by firefighters (…) and handed over to the medical coordinator, who stated that all people should be examined and taken to the Emergency Department – says Junior Brig. Piotr Chojnowski, press spokesman for the Podlaskie Voivodeship Commander of the State Fire Service.

In Małopolska, an ambulance with its sirens on was heading to a patient. When she was overtaking a passenger car, the driver started to swerve. Both vehicles fell into a ditch. – From what information we have, this ambulance was most likely traveling as an emergency vehicle – says junior brigadier Marcin Opioła, press spokesman for the State Fire Service in Tarnów. The accident occurred in the morning in Biskupice Radłowskie. One person was taken to hospital. – A total of three people traveled in these vehicles. One ambulance crew member complained of pain in the face and cervical spine – adds Marcin Opioła.

Accident in BiałystokTVN24

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No imagination

In Greater Poland, on a straight road on Saturday after 7 p.m., there was a collision between two passenger cars in Bronisławka. – On a straight section of road in the middle of the forest, they collided. One of the vehicles (…) drove into the opposite lane. He hit the side of a vehicle that was traveling in the other direction – says junior brigadier Łukasz Frątczak from the State Fire Service in Ostrów Wielkopolski. The reasons are being explained – why the vehicle drove into the opposite lane. A total of 7 people traveled in the cars. – The driver and passenger of the Fiat car died at the scene. The women were in their 20s, adds Sub-Inspector Witold Kolenda, head of the Road Traffic Department in Ostrów Wielkopolski. – Two people from the second vehicle, in which five people were traveling, were taken to hospital – adds Frątczak.

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A serious accident also occurred on Sunday morning in the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship near Lelków. – The 20-year-old driver did not adjust his speed to the prevailing conditions. He lost control of the vehicle, drove off to the right shoulder and hit roadside trees – explains Senior Constable Justyna Romańczuk from the District Police Headquarters in Braniewo. The man did not have a driving license and his blood alcohol content was above the legal limit. According to the officers, the impact force was so great that the vehicle’s structural elements were scattered within a radius of several dozen meters. There were four other people in the car, aged 16-30. The driver and passengers were taken to hospital.

Tragic accident on DK25 in Bronisławka in Greater Poland

Tragic accident on DK25 in Bronisławka in Greater PolandTVN24

Calls from the services

The services remind us that traffic on the roads will increase in the coming days. So let’s be reasonable. – Weather conditions are unfavorable for travel. It’s slippery and wet, so you have to be careful on the roads – says junior brigadier Piotr Chojnowski. – All Saints’ Day is a time of increased traffic on the roads. We appeal here to adjust your speed to the prevailing weather conditions and exercise particular caution. First of all, let’s also watch out for other road users. Let’s keep the principle of limited trust – adds Senior Constable Justyna Romańczuk.

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