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The police detained a doctor who was supposed to create medical records for prisoners and… uniformed officers for bribes

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Police officers from Podkarpacie detained a well-known psychiatrist in the region, whom they suspect of taking bribes from patients. A seemingly trivial investigation may end dozens, if not hundreds, of careers in the army, police, prison service and all special services, according to unofficial information tvn24.pl.

The background of the activities of the psychiatrist Romuald R. has been scanned by police officers from the Podkarpackie garrison for the last few months. Using operational techniques, they checked information that in exchange for money, he created false medical records for people who were facing prison. Finally, the doctor was handcuffed in the first days of July in front of the building of the health care complex in Ropczyce, in one of the places where he saw his patients.

Official silence

So far, there has been no official announcement about this police operation. Officially, we were able to confirm the very fact of the detention of inspector Mariusz Ciarka with the press officer of the General Police Headquarters.

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– The doctor was arrested by the court, please direct the rest of your questions to the prosecutor’s office – the spokesman told us.

However, at present there is no way to ask questions, because the Rzeszów prosecutor’s office wants to exclude itself from the case. The files collected so far have been sent to the National Prosecutor’s Office, which is to appoint a unit to conduct the investigation.

– It’s not a coincidence. Police officers did a great investigative job, but at the same time revealed the enormity of pathologies in uniformed services – one of the prosecutors from the National Prosecutor’s Office tells us, asking for anonymity. – The Rzeszów prosecutor’s office wants to exclude itself, because the case concerns many local uniformed officers from all possible formations – says our interlocutor from the prosecutor’s office.

Percentage to retirement

According to our information, only in recent months the same doctor has accepted several dozen uniforms: from the army, police, prison service, fire brigade and special services. All still on active duty.

As in the case of prisoners and convicts, he created medical records for the officers. For money

The problem lies in the pension provisions that are specific to officers. They allow you to increase retirement from 5 to even 15 percent, if the officer’s illness is related to his service.

Mass Escape

An experienced police officer interviewed by the tvn24.pl journalist says: – I am not surprised, many have already left their uniforms, and others are going to soon. It’s a common topic of conversation. I think about it myself, because I didn’t get hired to guard party rallies, but to catch criminals.

Artur Węgrzynowicz / tvnwarszawa.pl

At the beginning of the year, there was a mass exodus from the army, police and all secret services. Back in December 2022, the leadership of the Ministry of the Interior and Administration denied that such mass departures would take place. When they became a reality MIA and the Ministry of Defense assured that they would find ways to reverse the process. It is difficult to verify whether this was successful in the army, because the Ministry of National Defense does not share information. However, the numbers indicate that this process has not been reversed at the Ministry of Interior and Administration.

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Thirteen thousand jobs are currently unfilled in the police force alone. What’s worse, young people are not eager to serve – according to unofficial information tvn24.pl, currently there are only 1.4 candidates for a vacancy.

Previously, in some years, it was more than 10 people per vacant seat. In addition, according to the regulations, the police or the army cannot take everyone willing, they must undergo a selection.

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