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The police warn: someone is sending false messages in the name of the Chief Commander of the Police

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“Do not respond to such messages,” the Polish police appeals on its social media and warns against fake e-mails allegedly coming from the head of the Police Headquarters, Inspector Marek Boroń. The fraudsters claim in the messages sent that the Polish police chief demands an immediate response to the message in connection with “ongoing court proceedings.” Officers warn that it may be an attempt to steal data.

The Central Bureau for Combating Cybercrime reported that there is an ongoing campaign of cybercriminals sending e-mails purporting to come from the Chief of Police, Insp. Marek Boroń. Files attached to the email may contain malicious software and the police recommend not opening such attachments.

“The content of the messages sent again shows that the person who received them should immediately respond to the request attached to the email,” CBZP reported.

The goal may be to steal data

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“The messages sent by fraudsters are accompanied by an attachment recognized as a document in PDF format. Its content shows that the person who is the recipient of the message is suspected of committing crimes with pornographic content and is obliged to respond,” the police indicated. Its purpose may be to steal data and, consequently, to lose money – warn the officers.

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He will emphasize that the emails described contain false information and the police are not their author. According to the Code of Criminal Procedure, if someone commits a criminal act, the person is not informed by e-mail about any type of summons, initiation of proceedings or submission of written explanations. “If you have received a similar message in your mailbox, it is worth reporting it directly via the website cert.pl,” the police noted in a statement.

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