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The “policeman” called, the “lawyer” came for the money

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The 72-year-old lost PLN 180,000 because she wanted to help her son, who “caused a fatal accident involving a pregnant woman. During the conversation with the scammer, she gave her daughter a phone call, but she also did not notice anything strange in the story. The money was received by Mrs. “lawyer”.

Wołomin police received a fraud report. A 72-year-old resident of the Wołomin district received a landline phone call from a man claiming to be a policeman.

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– He informed an old lady that her son had caused a fatal accident involving a pregnant woman and that a large sum of money had to be paid to avoid legal repercussions. Otherwise, he is threatened with imprisonment – informs junior asp. Monika Kaczyńska from the Wołomin police. – It was about PLN 180,000. The woman, acting under time pressure, agreed to the conditions of the scammer and gave her address. During the conversation, she gave the phone to her daughter, who also listened to the story and ended the call without suspecting anything.

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A moment later, the “lawyer” knocked on the door of the 72-year-old woman and collected the agreed amount.

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The methods of scammers

Let us remember that the police never and under any circumstances ask to transfer or leave any amount of money in the agreed place. Situations like this are proof that we are dealing with scammers. Unfortunately, only after everything is done, the victim realizes that he has been deceived, very often earlier transferring his life savings to the scammers, and even taking out loans.

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