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Saturday, December 2, 2023

The Polish community is voting. A record number of Poles registered to vote

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Poles vote all over the world. Those overseas have already cast their votes. The queues to the venues were long and the attendance was record-breaking. Voters in Europe are also on record.

Poles living overseas voted first. The weather – even in Washington – was not pleasant, but crowds stood in front of establishments in the United States. Often up to an hour in line. Previously, many people spent several hours in the car driving to the site. In total, you could vote in 21 states, 52 commissions and four time zones. There are many indications that the number of voters this year will be one of the highest in history. – I voted for the first time in Polish elections. I’ve been here since ’91, says one of the men. 48,000 people registered to vote in the United States. This is 16,000 more than four years ago.

In Great Britain, over 160,000 Poles registered to vote. This is a historical record. The number of created districts is record-breaking – as many as 77. This is over 18 percent of all foreign electoral commissions. Most people vote in London. In Berlin, the first people willing to vote showed up at the polls right after they opened. 47 committees were established throughout Germany. Over 108,000 compatriots want to vote. – I haven’t lived (in Poland – editor’s note) for 20 years, but my parents live in Poland. You have to vote – appeals one of the women.

They come to vote and go to the theater dressing roomVoters who come to vote on Sunday at the polling station at the Municipal Cultural Center “Sokół” in Czerwonak (Greater Poland Voivodeship) go to the theater dressing room. The center has been preparing unusual sceneries for years, thus increasing voter turnout.TVN24

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Record elections

Records are broken almost everywhere. A total of 416 electoral districts were established abroad – almost 100 more than four years ago. 37,000 Poles vote in the Netherlands. In Amsterdam and The Hague, the number of applicants is over 100 percent higher than in 2019. In Breda – one of the main Polish communities in the Netherlands – almost 10,000 voters registered. This is an increase of over 210 percent. In Belgium, over 20,000 Poles signed up to vote. This is also a significant increase in interest compared to the 2019 elections.

– We opened the place at 7 am. There are already many citizens willing to vote, which makes us very happy. (…) You can see that the turnout is high and we are very happy about it – says Kaja Zalewska-Dufour, vice-chairman of committee number 25 in Brussels. There are nearly 20,000 registered voters in France. In Sweden, 15,000. There are over 24,000 people willing to vote in Spain.

Poles vote in the most remote places in the world. In Asia, commissions have been established in, among others, China, India, Indonesia and Japan. – I came to the karate competition, to the world karate championship, today is the second day. We also voted before the competition started, explains Marianna Sulima, a karate competitor.

Voting was also held in the District Electoral Commission, number 1000, on “Dar Młodzieży”, which is currently off the coast of the Azores Islands in the Atlantic. – I think that everyone should vote, because it is the duty of an informed citizen. Does not matter where. If possible, you should vote – says Zofia Olchowy, second officer at “Dar Młodzieży”.

Over 608,000 Poles registered in foreign commissions. This is nearly 300,000 more than four years ago.

Main photo source: Facts after noon

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