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The Polish government is building a barrier on the border with Belarus, but is cooperating with the company that brings these immigrants

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If you look at the actions of the government regarding immigrants from Asia and Africa, they are contradictory. On the one hand, right-wing politicians scare them with them and put up a barrier on the border with Belarus, on the other hand, they bring them in en masse. One of the intermediaries is a company registered in Belarus, which also imported immigrants for Lukashenko’s regime – the same ones who stormed the Polish border.

– A very interesting intermediary is the Belarusian intermediary – says Michał Szczerba from PO. This is an intermediary whose company is registered in Minsk and who – at the request of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs – accepted and still accepts visa applications. – This is the same company that brought immigrants to Minsk for the needs of the Lukashenko regime, who then tried to cross the Polish-Belarusian border illegally – adds Szczerba. It was because of them that a wall over a hundred kilometers long was built on the border, which was supposed to be an impassable barrier, but – as KO politicians showed – the breach in the wall was prepared by the deputy head of Polish diplomacy, Piotr Wawrzyk.

In the regulation, he added countries whose citizens, once in Minsk, could apply for a Polish visa: including India, Iran, Pakistan, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. Piotr Wawrzyk was dismissed by the prime minister and lost his place on PiS’s lists to the Sejm. Investigations into possible irregularities in issuing visas – including in Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia and India – are being conducted by the Central Anticorruption Bureau and the prosecutor’s office. – The state is acting properly and efficiently, there are no sacred cows, there are no people who can count on any concessionary tariff – comments Szymon Szynkowski vel Sęk, Minister for European Affairs, PiS Committee.

Artur Soboń on the resignation of the deputy head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Piotr WawrzykTVN24

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“This Wawrzyk is a really powerful burden for PiS”

You had to pay dearly for a visa delivered by an intermediary that could not be avoided. The form was completed online. According to “Rzeczpospolita”, the only person who has been charged in this case so far is one of the intermediaries who used his connections at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to earn money on visas.

PiS based its campaign on the fear of immigrants from Muslim countries, whom it has been bringing to Poland. – Since 2016, over 600,000 such visas have been issued for migrants from Asia and Africa – emphasizes Marcin Kierwiński, PO, Civic Coalition.

The prosecutor’s office, headed by Zbigniew Ziobro, argues that the investigation concerns irregularities in submitting applications for only a few hundred visas. – The fact that Wawrzyk flew out with a bang immediately, and Cieszyński ran around with respirators and now is the “number one” of Law and Justice, shows that this Wawrzyk is a really huge burden for PiS – argues Adam Szłapka, Nowoczesna, Civic Coalition. KO deputies demand an answer to the question of how many people and from which countries entered Poland from Belarus.

Main photo source: Jacek Tacik/Fakty TVN

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