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The Polish Teachers Association estimates that about 10,000 teachers are still missing

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We are glad that we have returned to full-time education, but we have sad news for teachers – said Sławomir Broniarz, president of the Polish Teachers’ Union. The analyzes of the PNA show that there is no money in the state budget for pay rises and it estimates that about 10,000 teachers are still missing.

On Monday, the Polish Teachers Association called a press conference to summarize the beginning of the school year. – It seems to us that the approach of the Ministry of Education in this matter is too optimistic – began the meeting Sławomir Broniarz. – Declarations about the preparation of schools and how much good Minister Czarnek should do for the prestige of teachers are not covered by facts – he added.


What will increase, what will decrease?

Broniarz thus referred to the draft budget act for 2022. It shows, inter alia, that the base amount of the teacher’s salary will not increase next year. – This is the second year in which salaries will be frozen, which, combined with the constantly growing inflation, means that teachers not only do not receive raises, but will earn less and less – explained Broniarz.

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The draft also shows that the educational subsidy (money that the state transfers to the authorities responsible for the functioning of educational institutions) will increase. It is over PLN 53 billion. – But this is an increase of only 2.6 percentage points, which means that there is no chance of this amount covering the corresponding increase in teachers’ salaries. The more so that the remaining costs of maintaining education are constantly growing – emphasized the president of the PNA. And he added: – All this is closely related to the fact that today there is a clear shortage of teachers in schools. Experienced employees leave, and graduates do not want to work with a gross salary below PLN 3,000.

Who is missing from schools?

In mid-August in schools and kindergartens there were about 13,000 vacancies – this was the result of data collected in job banks at the education offices. Last week, after the start of the school year, school principals tried frantically to recruit the staff. Also non-public schools, which they offered up to PLN 150 per lesson hour.

700 vacancies for teachers in WrocławTVN24 Wrocław

– Our estimates, data from schools and labor banks, show that today about 10,000 teachers are missing – informed Broniarz on 6 September. – This is a real challenge facing Polish education. It will affect the students – he said.

The gunner reminded him several times the latest report of the Supreme Audit Office. – Until now, we could have been accused of being just some projections of trade unions, but now the information that the reform of Minister Anna Zalewska worsened the situation of teachers and the educational offer is covered by the findings of the Supreme Audit Office – said Broniarz.

President of the NIK on the organization of teachers’ workNIK

The president of the PNA also announced that his union did not intend to return to talks with Minister Czarnek for the time being. Trade unions broke these talks a few weeks ago expecting Czarnek to prepare solutions that will link teachers’ salaries with the average salary in the economy. So far, the minister has proposed to link it to the minimum wage.

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