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The Pope accepted the resignation of the Bishop of Sosnowiec. “It was impossible to pretend there was no problem”

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The Pope accepted his resignation, Bishop Grzegorz Kaszak is retiring. Rainbows used to bother him a lot. Now it was in his diocese that the vicar organized a men’s orgy. Besides, there were many other sins in this diocese.

If the bishop of Sosnowiec, Grzegorz Kaszak, has not gotten over his outrage over the rainbow halo after many years, he will have a chance to rest. Pope Francis accepted his resignation and sent him into retirement.

– Everything came to light. It was impossible to pretend that there was no problem – Dr. Jacek Prusak, a Jesuit and theologian, assessed Bishop Kaszak’s resignation. Not one, but many problems came out of the shadows after Tomasz Z. – a vicar from Dąbrowa Górnicza – organized an orgy in the rectory with the participation of a man providing sexual services.

When one of the participants lost consciousness, paramedics were not allowed inside. The prosecutor’s office is investigating this case. – The investigation is being conducted into the failure to provide assistance to a person who was in a situation posing an immediate threat of loss of life – informs Waldemar Łubniewski from the District Prosecutor’s Office in Sosnowiec.

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The vicar, who after the scandal declared that informing about it was an attack on the Church and if he had a different profession, there would be no issue – was deprived of his church functions.

His dismissed superior apologized after the scandal “if he offended anyone or neglected something.”

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Absolute power

Some of the faithful support the decision to leave Bishop Kaszak. – He is responsible for what is happening in the Church. So I think it’s right (leaves – editor’s note). This should have happened after the murder of this priest, says one of the parishioners. It’s about a 26-year-old deacon who was stabbed to death. The priest who was supposedly in conflict with him died under the wheels of a train.

– Tragic deaths of two clergy plus many other smaller scandals. A lot for one diocese – says Father Professor Andrzej Kobyliński, head of the Department of Ethics at Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University.

Grzegorz Kaszak did not explain the scandals to the faithful. He explained something else to them: – Mary never opposed Jesus in anything. Therefore, attributing to her that she supports the actions of people with the rainbow sign is a deeply offensive lie – he said in 2019.

Bishop Kaszak does not explain whether he resigned voluntarily. What is surprising, however, is the quick pace of its adoption – within a month of its submission and shortly after the parliamentary elections in Poland.

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– It is taken into account that there will be no political support and there will be much greater social protest if the scandals are solved in a way similar to how they were solved before – says priest Dr. Jacek Prusak.

Merely dismissing the bishop will not remedy the situation in this or other dioceses. It is necessary to limit the bishop’s power, says priest professor Andrzej Kobyliński. – The bishop is the absolute monarch of his diocese – he emphasizes. – There may be who knows what wrongdoings. This current system of church authority makes any corrective steps impossible, he adds.

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