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“The power of investigation” on TVN24 GO. Head of the prosecutors' team investigating the causes of the Smolensk disaster

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“A lot of emotions”, “difficult” cooperation with Antoni Macierewicz's subcommittee – prosecutor Krzysztof Schwartz, head of the Investigative Team No. 1, established to investigate the causes of the Smolensk disaster, after nearly seven years of silence, talked about his work in the report “The Power of the Investigation”. He also explained why he regretted joining it.

Piotr Świerczek's report “The Power of Investigation” will be available to watch on TVN24 on Tuesday at 21:00 in “Black and white”and is now available in TVN24 GO. We will see the first conversation in 7 years with prosecutor Krzysztof Schwartz, head of Investigative Team No. 1, established to investigate the causes of the Smolensk disaster.

Tu-154M No. 102TVN24

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“The power of investigation” on TVN24 GO. Prosecutor on “difficult” cooperation with the subcommittee

Prosecutor Schwartz, head of Investigation Team No. 1, admitted in a conversation with the “Black and White” reporter that, according to experts, there is no chance that the second Tu-154M will ever take off again.

Prosecutor Schwartz in a new report:

  • says, among others: about “destructive works” on a plane,
  • reveals that experts found no evidencethat on board the machine that crashed in Smolensk, there was an explosion,
  • tells the story behind the scenes cooperation with the Russian side when explaining the circumstances of the disaster,
  • talks about the criteria used by the prosecutor's office when selecting experts and “difficult” cooperation with the Smolensk subcommittee Antoni Macierewicz.

Speaking about the work of his team, Krzysztof Schwartz points out: “We obtained all the opinions we wanted.” – This is powerful material, but I have no illusions that not only will we not satisfy everyone, but a large number of people will contest it, on one side and on the other, that not everyone will be happy, that all kinds of hate will be poured out on prosecutors again , what has been happening for eight years – says the head of Investigation Team No.

Yes, I regret it – he replies when asked by Piotr Świerczek whether he regrets joining Investigation Team No. 1. – I considered it a professional challenge, even though I have been working in the prosecutor's office for 30 years and have handled various proceedings – he explains. – There are a lot of emotions, sometimes very unfair judgments, labels that have been sewn on us – he emphasizes.

As the author emphasizes, TVN24 was the first television crew to gain access to the destroyed Tu-154M with the number 102 – a twin machine to the one that crashed in Smolensk on April 10, 2010. Tupolev was first used for experiments by two commissions investigating the Smolensk disaster, now it is evidence in the prosecutor's investigation. The plane belonging to the Ministry of National Defense is locked in the hangar of the military airport in Mińsk Mazowiecki.

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