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The president of Elektrociepłownia Będzin, Krzysztof Kwiatkowski, resigned

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Krzysztof Kwiatkowski resigned from the position of president of Elektrociepłowni Będzin, the company announced on Tuesday. As added, Kwiatkowski did not give reasons for his resignation.

Elektrociepłownia Będzin SA announced in a communiqué that on Tuesday Krzysztof Kwiatkowski resigned from the position of president as of the next supervisory board of the company. “Mr Krzysztof Kwiatkowski did not give the reasons for his resignation” – added.

The shares of EC Będzin recorded sharp increases in June. At the end of May this year cost just under £7. On June 21, they were valued at PLN 71.

Investigation of the Będzin Heat and Power Plant

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At the beginning of July, the Office of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority stated that the supervisory activities carried out did not reveal any irregularities in the trading of shares of Elektrociepłowni Będzin.

He indicated that the analysis of orders and transactions concluded on the company’s shares from June 1 to June 22 this year. regarding potential exchange rate manipulation, “did not confirm the suspicion of market manipulation”.

Będzin Heat and Power Planttvn24

The KNF Office indicated that it was conducting explanatory activities in this case regarding a potential violation of the ban on disclosing and using confidential information referred to in Art. 14 lit. ai lit. c MAR.

Agreement with Orlen Synthos Green Energy

In June, Elektrociepłownia Będzin announced that it had concluded a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with Orlen Synthos Green Energy regarding talks regarding a possible investment involving the implementation of small modular reactors in BWRX-300 technology on land owned by subsidiaries.

The company indicated that the conclusion of the agreement is the beginning of talks between the parties and the target structure of cooperation, the form and terms of the project are not agreed by the parties.

In turn, Orlen Synthos Green Energy stated in a statement that it does not plan to cooperate with EC Będzin regarding SMR, and the confidentiality agreement was signed at the request of EC Będzin in order to present the criteria for its location.

Elektrociepłownia Będzin SA is a listed company listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange since December 1998. The company was established as a result of the transformation of the state-owned company Elektrociepłownia Będzin into a company wholly owned by the State Treasury, pursuant to the transformation act of February 23, 1993.

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