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The President of Serbia announces a great victory, the opposition accuses falsehoods

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– A member of our team discovered electoral irregularities, for which his head was smashed with a brick – said the leader of the Serbian Green Left Front. There were numerous irregularities and clashes with the police throughout the country, including attacks on: journalist and activist. The President of Serbia announced that his party won in 85 out of 89 cities and municipalities.

Follower elections The non-governmental organization CRTA stated that “numerous irregularities were recorded both inside and outside polling stations on Sunday.”

“The taking of ballots and other processes violating the secrecy of voting, e.g. the presence of unauthorized persons in the polling stations, were recorded inside the polling stations. Some of the irregularities concern voting without an ID card or a valid document,” CRTA noted.

The organization added that “vote buying and even the sale of ballot cards were recorded outside polling stations.”

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Opposition activists clashed with the police

In Novi Sad, the second largest city Serbia, opposition activists clashed with police when they tried to break into the building where they believed the illegal call center of the ruling Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) was located. Investigative journalists have previously drawn attention to the existence of such centers. They reported that activists working there persuade residents to vote for the ruling party and even offer payment for voting for it. Maja Mrnusztik from the League of Social Democrats of Vojvodina, on behalf of the list of the united opposition in Novi Sad, said that she “will defend every vote.” – Don't believe those who claim they have won 15 minutes after closing time, said the politician, quoted by N1 television.

Several hundred demonstrators gathered in the city center. Politicians speaking during the rally accused SNS of election fraud.

On Sunday, a journalist of the independent daily “Danas” was attacked in Novi Sad.

The activist was hit with a brick

In Belgrade, an opposition activist of the Green Left Front was “physically attacked”, as announced by the group's leader Radomir Lazović on Facebook. “A member of our team discovered electoral irregularities, for which his head was smashed with a brick. The man is currently in hospital,” wrote Lazović.

Dobrica Veselinović from the opposition coalition “We Choose Belgrade” also accused the authorities of “violence, vote buying, pressure, abuse and crimes.”

Vucic triumphs

On the post-election night, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic announced the victory of the SNS – which he led until 2023 – in Belgrade and Novi Sad. The current leader of the party and Prime Minister of Serbia, Milosz Vuczevic, stated that the party won the vast majority of 89 cities and municipalities.

Main photo source: Darko Vojinovic/AP/EastNews

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