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The president of Zielona Góra himself announced his defeat

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Everything indicates that Janusz Kubicki, who has been ruling Zielona Góra for 18 years, lost in the second round to Marcin Pabierowski (Civic Coalition). The incumbent president has already congratulated his rival.

After counting the votes from 24 out of 84 committees in Zielona Góra, the advantage of the Civic Coalition candidate is significant. 13,174 thousand voters voted for him, which gives the support of 58.63 percent, while 9,295 votes were cast for the incumbent president of Zielona Góra, which gives 41.37 percent. support.

The first round of the presidential elections was won by Marcin Pabierowski from KO (42.74%). 35.95 percent voted for Kubicki. voters.

– Everything indicates that we will have a new president in Zielona Góra. I would like to congratulate everyone who went to vote. It is very important to participate in the votes. The voters' decision is clear, said Janusz Kubicki.

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“For me, being president was not a goal in life. The goal was to change Zielona Góra”

Kubicki also congratulated Marcin Pabierowski on his victory. – I hope that the 18 years behind us were not wasted for Zielona Góra. Zielona Góra has changed. It is a beautiful, wonderful, proud city. I am convinced that it will continue to develop. And life always writes different scenarios. For me, being president was not a goal in life. The goal was to change Zielona Góra and I believe I achieved it, he said.

As he added, there will come a time for conclusions. – I try to look at life as if we were sailing on a boat. When we sail a boat, we always look forward, I don't try to look back, Kubicki said.

He also thanked those involved in his campaign. – They definitely won. The campaign was not easy. We have shown that it can be conducted in a different way, in a positive way, he concluded.

Janusz Kubicki ruled Zielona Góra for 18 years. In the last two elections he won in the first round.

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Local elections Zielona Góra 2024. Who is Marcin Pabierowski?

Marcin Pabierowski is the chairman of the KO club. Professionally, he deals with, among others: firefighting as a fire protection inspector, design and construction supervision. He has construction qualifications to design and manage construction works. He is an active member of the professional self-government organization of Construction Engineers. He is a member of the District Council of the Lubusz District Chamber of Construction Engineers.

Pabierowski promises, among others: construction of an amphitheater, athletics stadium and free public transport. He also declares that he has five draft resolutions ready, which the councilors of Zielona Góra can proceed with at the beginning of the term of office of the new city council. They concern road renovations, the procedure for determining pay increases for employees of city organizational units, the civic budget, sports scholarships for children and youth, and the protection of cultural facilities (including the amphitheater).

Main photo source: Facebook / Janusz Kubicki

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