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The president supports his minister Wojciech Kolarski in the campaign. “He understands well what it means to pursue Polish interests”

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President Andrzej Duda in Grodzisk Wielkopolski supported the minister from his office, Wojciech Kolarski, who was running for the European Parliament. He argued that he was his “friend” and “right hand” for years. – He understands well what it means to play the greats – he said. There was also an incident during the rally. The police checked the identity of the couple who had cards with the words “Stop the fight and save yourself the shame.”

President Andrzej Duda during Monday's visit to Grodzisk Wielkopolski, he appealed to the people of Greater Poland to defend Polish interests by participating in elections. – I am asking you to choose well for the European Parliament. Please be careful in encouraging your neighbors to vote, he said.

The president supports his minister in the campaign

As he emphasized, “these are extremely important elections.” – It is possible that Europe will undergo transformation in the political sense in the coming years. It is extremely important that there are people sitting there who understand politics, are knowledgeable about politics, have political experience, do not have complexes, can talk, negotiate and know what it means to stand with their own people when the interests of the great ones are at stake, said the president.

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He added that Poland is a large country, but not the largest. – There are those who are constantly trying to gain an advantage over us – he said. – The point is that we should not give up and that those who represent us in European institutions actually represent us and our Polish interests – Duda continued.

In Grodzisk, the president promoted the leader of the Greater Poland list PIS, presidential minister Wojciech Kolarski. – My friend has been with me for 40 years, he has been a minister in the Chancellery of the President for 9 years – he said, adding that Kolarski had been his “right hand” for years.

– He knows politics well. He understands well what it means to play the big games and what it means to pursue Polish interests, he argued.

President of the Republic of Poland Andrzej Duda and Secretary of State in the KPRP Wojciech KolarskiPAP/Marek Zakrzewski

“We are part of Europe thanks to the work of our hands”

Andrzej Duda also noted that what Poland looks like today, “in its most tangible dimension”, is thanks to local government officials. – This is the merit of these local authorities, it is the result of their care, their everyday thinking about public matters, their everyday thinking about the city's affairs, the affairs of their fellow residents, for which I thank you from the bottom of my heart – he emphasized.

He said that all small homelands “create a great Republic of Poland, which, 34 years after the first local government elections and 35 years since 1989, has gained a completely different dimension.” – And today it belongs not only formally and politically to the European community, but, above all, we must be clear – also in terms of quality of life, standard of living, (…) the development of modern infrastructure is already far advanced – he enumerated.

– We are certainly part of Europe thanks to the work of our hands, and also thanks to the public service of people to whom you have entrusted this important task over the years – he added.

Incident at the rally. The police identified the couple

An incident occurred during the rally with the president. Both his supporters and opponents gathered in the market square in Grodzisk Wielkopolski.

When Andrzej Duda got out of the car and during the greeting in the market square, there were whistles among the gathered people. In addition, the couple held two pieces of paper with the inscription: “Stop your argument, save yourself the shame.” The police identified the couple.

Among those present in the market square was a man holding up a pen. He explained that he wanted to show that he did not agree with what the president was doing.

Incident at a rally with President Andrzej Duda. The police identified the coupleTVN24

Main photo source: PAP/Marek Zakrzewski

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