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The president warned against violating the constitution. “It’s complete hypocrisy”

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On my part, there will never be consent to breaking the constitution, said President Andrzej Duda in his New Year’s message. However, allegations of violating the constitution are a huge part of the story of eight years of PiS rule and many of the president’s decisions. There is a long list of arguments composed by the most eminent Polish constitutionalists.

President Andrzej Duda could have predicted that his words would trigger a very specific reaction from the Prime Minister and many constitutionalists and judges. – On my part, there will never be consent to violating the constitution, and this is unfortunately the situation we are currently dealing with – Andrzej Duda said in his New Year’s message.

Prime Minister Donald Tusk called the president’s words a “miracle” of the year just ending. Professor Jan Zimmermann, President Duda’s doctoral thesis supervisor, who has repeatedly assessed his actions, called the president’s speech a “misunderstanding” in a telephone conversation. – He has violated this constitution many times for eight years and now saying that he is the guardian of the constitution and that he will fight to prevent the ruling team from breaking the constitution is, to put it very mildly, a misunderstanding, or rather a complete misunderstanding. hypocrisy – says Professor Zimmermann.

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Former first president of the Supreme Court, Jan Strzembosz, stated that he counted 13 cases of violation of the constitution by Andrzej Duda. This is a list of just a few unconstitutional – according to constitutionalists and judges – decisions of the president: from pardoning ministers Kamiński and Wąsik – before the final judgment was passed – through changes in the Constitutional Tribunal and the National Council of the Judiciary, to signing unconstitutional laws. Such as the one on the Supreme Court shortening the term of office of the first president of the Supreme Court, the act on the system of common courts or the so-called lex Tusk act. – When, first of all, he did not take the oath from three properly elected judges and thus created a permanent unconstitutional situation in the Constitutional Tribunal, the consequences of which we still unfortunately have to experience today – notes Jerzy Stępień, former president of the Constitutional Tribunal. – (It concerns the president’s decisions – editor’s note) consisting in signing laws that clearly violated the constitution. First of all, the one that appointed the National Council of the Judiciary, with which we still have a constant problem and which is actually the heart of the drama and legal chaos – says Monika Frąckowiak from the Association of Polish Judges “Iustitia”.

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Years of destruction of law

– I call on the government coalition to start observing the principles of a democratic state of law – Andrzej Duda appealed in his speech. – It’s a pity that this opinion did not guide the president from the very beginning – says Dr. Ryszard Piotrowski, a constitutional expert.

The president’s actions and decisions were also the reason why the European Commission blocked billions of euros for Poland for KPO for years. Poles – after the CJEU judgment – paid billions of fines for changes in the justice system regarding the Disciplinary Chamber, which were adopted by PiS and signed by the president, and which were considered to violate EU law.

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