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The Prime Minister argues that doctors are returning to Poland. What do the medics say? “I’m going to leave”

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The Prime Minister suggests that Polish health care is so good during the PiS government that Polish doctors leave their foreign jobs and return to the country. The Supreme Medical Council is not able to verify these theses, but it has data on how many doctors have applied for a certificate thanks to which they can apply for recognition of qualifications in the European Union.

At the Presidential Palace, in the presence of the president and the Minister of Health, the Prime Minister said something that every Pole would like to hear. – Today, doctors very often return from abroad to work in Poland. This is something that, if we had said it eight years ago, few people would have believed it, said Mateusz Morawiecki.

The Prime Minister did not say how many of these doctors returned, what the scale of the phenomenon was and, most importantly, how he knew it. Because, for example, the Supreme Medical Council does not have such data.

– Unfortunately, we are unable to verify the veracity of such claims. However, I would like to believe that doctors will actually come back. However, I am aware of the system we work in because I work in it myself, so I dare say that this trend will be in the opposite direction than returns – says Mateusz Kowalczyk, vice-president of the Supreme Medical Council.

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There is data on doctors’ departures from Poland. To travel abroad, a doctor needs a certificate from the medical chamber, thanks to which he can apply for recognition of qualifications in the European Union. Eight years ago, over a thousand doctors and dentists applied for such a certificate. Last year it was 919 people, but if we look at the number of certificates issued for the first time, there is no decline, and there is even a symbolic increase.

– These certificates, which are available for the first time, are a worrying trend for us, because it proves that a large number of young doctors, and also doctors with some experience, have concluded that what is happening in the health care system is so bad that they prefer look for a place to develop your professional path in another country – says Kowalczyk.

Number of certificates issued to doctors and dentistsSupreme Medical Chamber

They want to leave or have already done so

Kamil Karpowicz found his place for personal and professional development in a university hospital in Sweden. Last year he completed his specialization in oncology in Poland and left. – For such a normal job from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. – we work eight hours with an hour’s break for lunch or a trip to the city – from Monday to Friday you can actually earn as much as a doctor in Poland earns with two or three full-time jobs – informs Karpowicz.

Patryk Wertka still has two years of medical studies left. He has specific plans: he will be a family doctor, but definitely not in Poland. – After completing my studies and internship, I plan to go to Sweden for specialization and further life – reveals the student.

Sebastian Svensson will get his license to practice in a month and is also leaving. In turn, intern Mateusz Wawrzeńczyk has resigned from the trip for now. He stays because he got a chance for a residency at a renowned cardiology clinic. However, all options remain open, he confesses. – I have two friends from my student group who left, who are satisfied and who will probably earn several times more than me – he says.

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