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The Prime Minister invited the clubs to talks on migration. Bartłomiej Sienkiewicz comments

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It doesn’t look like we’re going to meet the prime minister, said Bartłomiej Sienkiewicz, a member of the Civic Coalition and former interior minister, in “Fakty po Faktach”. Mateusz Morawiecki invited parliamentary clubs and circles to a meeting on migration. – I understand this constant mechanism of setting traps for the opposition by PiS. So far, I have the impression that every trap PiS falls into it – he assessed.

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki invited all parliamentary clubs and circles for a migrant relocation interview on Thursday. “I believe that Poland unites us, that we can speak with one voice in Europe. The forced relocation mechanism is a threat to Poland’s security,” the head of the government wrote on Twitter. Ylva Johansson, EU Commissioner for Home Affairs she emphasized in an interview for “Fakty” TVN24 that “no one is forced to accept any migrants”.

Representatives of Law and Justice, the Polish People’s Party and the Confederation declared their participation in the meeting. President of the PSL Wladyslaw Kosiniak-Kamysz announced that he would present his proposals regarding, among others, the European Commission’s assistance to refugees from Ukraine in Poland. Civic Coalition, as the head of the club informed Boris Budkawill make a decision on Thursday. Levita will not be attending the meeting.

Sienkiewicz: I perceive this as evidence of the desperation of the ruling camp

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KO MP Bartłomiej Sienkiewicz, asked in “Fakty po Faktach” about inviting the prime minister, said that “the prime minister first unleashes a campaign against the opposition and leads this great PiS media operation to disgust his own citizens, citizens of other countries, and then, when it turns out , That Donald Tusk revealed the scams and the truth about PiS policy, suddenly decided to apologize to the opposition and accept it and talk to it.

– The juxtaposition of these two things shows that, rather, I do not decide, it is of course the party authorities, but it does not seem that we will attend this meeting – he added.

Bartholomew SienkiewiczTVN24

He was asked if it could be some kind of trap, because later Mateusz Morawiecki and Jaroslaw Kaczynski say that when they wanted to discuss migration policy, the opposition did not want to talk.

– Parliament is the place to discuss government policy. PiS did everything to make parliament lose any meaning. The place for discussion is the plenary hall of the parliament. You can arrange a tea with the prime minister by talking about the weather and cats, and not about what constitutes the basic elements of Polish politics, assessed the KO MP.

– I understand this constant mechanism of setting traps for the opposition by PiS. So far, I have the impression that every trap PiS falls into it – said Sienkiewicz.

– I rather perceive it as evidence of the desperation of the ruling camp, which either makes 800 plus and wants to make its campaign out of it, suddenly it turns out that it doesn’t bother anyone at all, now it starts a big action and operation called “let’s defend ourselves against the EU and refugees, which he wants to impose. These are all rather desperate moves, because PiS has nothing in the magazine – assessed the guest of “Fakty po Faktach”.

Sienkiewicz: For years, Poland has not had any strategic document on the immigration system

In a Twitter post, Morawiecki also wrote that “the effective actions of PiS protected us from the Parisian events in Warsaw.”

– Paris was made by French citizens, two or three generations old, not freshly arrived external migrants. All specialists, professors on migration, Polish and foreign, speak with one voice. The problem begins when too many people are brought to work, without instruments or strategies on how to include them in social life. This is raising a big problem for yourself – said Sienkiewicz.

– PiS is trying to pretend that it is possible to bring 400,000 people from Asia and Africa to work, as planned, and that nothing is happening because of this, because it is only coming to work. Turks in Germany, Muslims in France, the whole Italian problem was based on exactly that,” he added.


He also said that “the same prime minister makes it clear that Donald Tusk hates refugees and that’s why he says so.” “It’s an attempt to reverse the situation in order to cover up its obvious slip-up. Suddenly, the fury of PiS, who prepared the document at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – he said. It is about a draft regulation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs introducing the so-called visa outsourcing for citizens of 21 countries applying for visas. Government spokesman Piotr Mueller announced on Tuesday that the regulation would rather not be processed.

The KO MP stressed that “For years, Poland has not had any strategic document on the system of immigration, work and dealing with this problem.”

He noted that no one denies that migrants are needed in Poland, but, as he added, “you have to be able to do it.”

“Meanwhile, what PiS proposes is a catastrophe for Poland, postponed in time, but a catastrophe,” he assessed.

Sienkiewicz: the defense committee will call for Błaszczak’s dismissal

Sienkiewicz was also asked about the rocket that fell last December in Zamość near Bydgoszcz. At the end of April a bystander found the remains. Head of the Ministry of National Defence Mariusz Blaszczakas well as Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, claim that they only learned about the rocket when its remains were found.

– We do not forget and we do what we have to do. Tomorrow, the national defense committee is meeting, which will call for the dismissal of Minister Błaszczak from his position, not only because of the scandalous behavior in the case of the Russian missile and the attempt to shift the responsibility, and with open lies, to Polish generals, but also for a few other things – he said. And he added: – We will ask that this be discussed in the parliamentary chamber.

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Main photo source: TVN24

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