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The Prime Minister on the “common national game”, the President on changes in the law

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On Monday, the National Security Council met in Białystok, and earlier an away government meeting was held. Prime Minister Donald Tusk later said that ensuring border security “must be a common national game” in which there is no room “for partisan egoism.” President Andrzej Duda said that the talks focused on changes in the law, including the use of weapons by soldiers.

On Monday, the National Security Council met in Białystok, attended by, among others, President Andrzej Duda and Prime Minister Donald Tusk. The topics were the recent events on the border with Belarus and the presidential project on the actions of state authorities in a threat situation. Just before the Council, an away government meeting was held in Białystok, during which – as informed by the Prime Minister – issues related to country security were discussed.

In the evening of that day, Tusk wrote on the X platform that “we won to unite Poles and all of Europe around safe borders.”

“It must be a common national game. There is no room for party egoism. This was what the government meeting, the meeting with the President and my online conversation with 9 EU prime ministers were about. One day in Białystok,” he said.

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Duda: proposed legislative solutions in the near future

The president also announced the talks held on Monday in a statement after the meeting with soldiers of the Military Task Force (WZZ) Podlasie.

He said that the National Security Council discussed “the most important aspects related to the security of the Republic of Poland”, but also the tragic events that have recently occurred. – First of all, we talked about the tragic death of one of our soldiers – said Andrzej Duda.

– We also talked about an act that is intended to correct the shortcomings that exist today in the operational capabilities of our soldiers, also in terms of safety, also in terms of equipment, and also in terms of the possibility of using means by them that are supposed to ensure their safety and the ability to resist attack. We are, of course, talking about the use of weapons by soldiers, but not only that, he pointed out.

– Today, we discussed these issues in detail at the National Security Council. Legislative solutions will also be proposed on this subject in the near future. These proposals are partly dealt with by the National Security Bureau, and they constitute elements of the presidential project that is currently before the Sejm. I am thinking about the act on actions of state authorities in the event of a threat to state security. This bill is to be considered this week, with its first reading. But the Ministry of National Defense is also working on legal solutions and changes to the Penal Code, which are intended to additionally increase the legal security of our soldiers – he added.

Andrzej Duda at the Council meeting

At the beginning of the National Security Council meeting, President Duda asked for a minute of silence to honor the memory of Mateusz Sitek, a 21-year-old soldier who died after an attack on the border with Belarus.

– I believe that the Republic of Poland should make every effort to identify the perpetrators of this murder and ensure that they are properly punished, regardless of where they are. I believe that as state authorities and as a Polish state, for the sake of the dignity of our country, we should make every effort to ensure that these people are caught and properly punished, he said.

Duda said that recently we have been dealing with intense attacks on Polish soldiers. – There have been 50 attacks on our soldiers recently. And one of these attacks, as I said at the beginning, unfortunately ended tragically with the death of our soldier. The first death of a Polish soldier while serving in defense of the Republic of Poland, performing such tasks for the Republic of Poland related to security, since 2014, when our soldier died in Afghanistan while serving as part of our contingent – said the president.

President: aliens raising their hands against the Republic of Poland

– We cannot allow such a hand to be raised not only against our soldiers and officers, but above all against the Republic of Poland. This is a show of hands by aliens against the Republic of Poland. That's how it needs to be called. And we should act here with all determination and really using all the forces at our disposal, the president emphasized.

The minister posthumously promoted and decorated the tragically deceased soldier

President: these are the solutions our soldiers need

The president expressed hope for broad support for his bill on the activities of state authorities in the event of an external threat to state security. The project includes: regulates the rules for the use of weapons by the army.

– This is an act prepared by the National Security Bureau in consultation with the Ministry of National Defense – Duda recalled.

As he pointed out, this type of act is very much needed. – She will introduce solutions that are based on the difficult experience of almost three years in which we have been defending the border. These are the solutions our soldiers need so that they can perform their tasks properly and safely, and above all, respond adequately when dangerous situations arise, said Andrzej Duda.

After the president's speech, the meeting continued behind closed doors, without the presence of the media.

Author:mjz, acre/cb

Main photo source: TVN24

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