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The prime minister’s office lacks money to pay employees. PiS politicians wash their hands of this

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The Prime Minister’s office is collecting funds for the December payment of salaries to employees. It turns out that three million zlotys are missing. As the new head of the prime minister’s office, Jan Grabiec, stated, there is simply no money. According to him, the reason for the shortages is, among others, severance pay for the so-called two-week government, which were not provided for in the draft budget.

– The funds left in the budget will not be enough to pay salaries in December – says Jan Grabiec, head of the prime minister’s office. The opening balance in the Prime Minister’s office is significantly negative. Minister Grabiec talks about the three missing million. – I have already asked the Minister of Finance to transfer the funds. So that these simple, everyday payments can be made – adds Jan Grabiec.

Filling the hole is not enough. There will be detailed scrutiny and possible consequences. – Pursuant to the law, it was carried out very effectively and quickly – explains Andrzej Halicki, PO MEP. This is about public finance discipline and checking whether expenditures within the budget of Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki’s office were legal.

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– I don’t know, let Minister Grabiec explain why these shortcomings, since he is already in power there. However, if he suggests that this is due to the fact that people were paid for some work, I would point out that the Labor Code is in force in Poland, says Jarosław Sellin from PiS. The former deputy minister of the former government repeats what former press spokesman Piotr Müller wrote on social media, who decided to respond to the allegations of the new management of the law firm. “The payment of employee benefits for ordinary officials results from the provisions of labor law. Notice periods, etc. Similarly to the most important state positions. For example, from what I remember, when @donaldtusk left the position of Prime Minister, he was paid the equivalent for about 100 days unused leave. Such regulations,” he wrote on social media.

Budget shortfalls

Minister Grabiec indicated three probable sources of the hole in the budget. The largest sum was to be spent on severance pay and compensation for unused leave for employees at various levels leaving the office. In addition, there were unforeseen expenses for the two-week government of Mateusz Morawiecki and salaries for over a hundred people employed before and during the election campaign. – We will examine in detail what their competences were and what tasks they performed – says Grabiec. – The entire Chancellery of the Prime Minister was engaged in the Law and Justice campaign. There were probably additional awards, additional bonuses, and excessive expenses, says Tomasz Trela ​​from Nowa Lewica.

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– When I resigned, I left a pile of money – notes Marek Belka, former prime minister. He also adds that this was the unwritten custom. – So that the new government does not have to start from scratch – he explains. The new government says it is either a lack of competence or a deliberate act of the outgoing government. New ministers also check the budgets of their ministries. – These two weeks of the transitional government, the interim government, resulted in the powers of attorney expiring, bills not being paid on an ongoing basis, and contracts not being signed – enumerates Krzysztof Gawkowski.

However, the problem is not noticed by the politicians who have just given up power. – It is obvious that when, for example, people from the Chancellery of the Prime Minister are dismissed, and the first such decisions are made, they have to be paid severance pay, which is a cost not originally foreseen in the budget – argues Marcin Horała from KP PiS. The former deputy minister of justice assures that not only the budget of this ministry was in good condition. – Let’s separate the narrative, politics and lies of these people as justification for not fulfilling their own promises from the real state of state finances and the state budget – appeals Michał Woś from Sovereign Poland. – Minister Domański is working hard now to prepare and put together this budget, but I guess there may be really big shortcomings there – emphasizes Tomasz Trela ​​from the New Left. The new government is to discuss the budget act for 2024 next week.

Main photo source: Fakty po Południu TVN24

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