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The Private Life of Greater Bats and Lesser Horseshoe Bats

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From May, you will be able to watch the life of bats that come to the attic of the school in Brenna in the Silesian Beskids again. – There are already about ten of them – said Marzena Bochnak from the Brennen center for the promotion of culture and sport.

The bat colony will spend the spring and summer in the school attic. These are lesser horseshoe bats and greater bats. The young will be born in June. Bats spent the winter in caves in the Stołowo, Trzy Kopce, Grabowa and Malinowa massifs.

There’s about ten of them now. It is difficult to define precisely, because not all of them can be seen – said Marzena Bochnak from the Brenno Center for the Promotion of Culture and Sport. Soon, however, there will be many more, depending on the day, even about a hundred.

Bochnak said that bats can be watched from the beginning of May to the end of September, from Tuesday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Beforehand, however, you need to make an appointment through the culture and sports promotion office, Bochnak informed.

The monitors transmit the image from the attic

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The observatory, which allows you to observe and eavesdrop on bats, consists of two parts. Bats can be viewed through a Venetian mirror. The glazing dampens sounds and does not let light through. The sounds of animals can be heard through the speakers. A media room has been created on the ground floor of the school, where educational activities can be conducted. The images recorded by the cameras in the attic are transmitted on the monitors. There are over 980 species of bats in the world, of which 25 in Poland. Some of them are threatened with extinction. These mammals have been coming to the attic of the school in Brenna for many years.

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