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The profile of the Marshal, the issue of abortion and relations with Brussels. Foreign media analyze the situation in Poland

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Even if Poland’s policy will be different than Brussels’, there is hope for compromises – write journalists from the media in Europe, trying to predict what to expect from the new political deal in Poland. It’s not easy, because you have to write about Donald Tusk’s decisions, even though Mateusz Morawiecki was tasked with forming the government.

Foreign media are patiently trying to explain the intricacies of Polish politics to their audiences. First, they widely informed about the election results and the fact that the president had entrusted Mateusz Morawiecki with the impossible mission of forming a government. Now it’s time for more detailed analysis. The Washington Post writes about who became the Speaker of the Sejm.

“47-year-old Hołownia, former host of the “Got Talent” program and a rising star of Polish politics, received 265 votes. Morawiecki’s candidate only 193. (…) One of his first decisions was to remove the barriers surrounding the parliament building set up by Law and Justice. When he announced this, people started dismantling them themselves,” we read.

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In turn, the French “Le Monde” informs about two projects of the Left regarding the liberalization of abortion regulations. The newspaper explains that Poland has one of the most restrictive laws in Europe, but loosening them will not be easy. “Before they come into force, all projects must be signed by the president. Andrzej Duda, associated with the ultra-right Law and Justice party, will serve as president until spring 2025. (…) Theoretically, abortion is permissible in the event of a threat to the woman’s life, but in practice, doctors are afraid to perform it. Unjustified termination of pregnancy is punishable by 3 years in prison,” journalists point out.

Foreign media comment on Andrzej Duda’s speech and decisionAngelika Maj/Fakty o Świecie TVN24 BiS

Attention focused on Donald Tusk

After the elections, LGBT communities in Poland are hoping for a positive change. The BBC correspondent prepared a large report in which she writes, among other things, about so-called LGBT-free zones. The reporter reminds that transgender people are frequently and publicly ridiculed by the most important politicians in the country. “The leader of the opposition, Donald Tusk, promised to legalize civil unions, but he heads a very broad coalition. The left wants full marriage equality, but it got fewer votes in the elections than expected. The conservative Third Way did much better and will probably have more to say,” he points out attention in your article.

European media unanimously write that although Mateusz Morawiecki was tasked with forming the government, Donald Tusk will most likely be the prime minister and they are trying to predict what the new cooperation between Warsaw and Brussels will look like. The correspondent of “Die Welt” writes that the Commission and the European Parliament breathed a sigh of relief, but this does not mean that Tusk will be an easy partner for talks on every topic.

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“The litmus test for Poland’s European policy will be the asylum compromise that EU countries are currently working on. (…) The question is how likely the future prime minister will position himself between the expectations of Brussels and the expectations of his own party and promises made to voters. There are many indications that he may not agree to compromise unconditionally,” he notes.

Philipp Fritz writes that Donald Tusk is well known in Europe and understands the mechanisms of Brussels’ operation. So even if there is no initial agreement on the relocation of migrants, reaching a compromise should be much easier.

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