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The push towards a brand new totalitarian regular: CJ Hopkins

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As hundreds of thousands of vaccines are distributed around the globe every day, masks mandates are lifted, and every day life takes on a semblance of normalcy, one German-based satirist is ringing the alarm bells about what he views as “nascent totalitarianism” seeping its manner into society. 

C.J. Hopkins is an American playwright and writer residing in Berlin and a self-described “creature of the left.” Over the previous yr and a half, Hopkins has been more and more involved about long-term implications of what he deemed the “radical restructuring of human society” towards a post-COVID “New Regular,” a time period typically utilized by the political class.

“I am a free speech advocate, towards racism, discrimination – antiauthoritarian, mainly. And watching our societies rework into this kind of authoritarianism, and I am going as far as to name it nascent totalitarianism, is horrifying,” Hopkins mentioned in an interview with Fox Information. 

Whereas Hopkins’ ideological beliefs have aligned with the political left most of the time all through his profession, he has by no means been one to silently fall in line. 


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Actually, Hopkins has been overtly important of the lies and deceit coming from the left for the reason that election of President Donald Trump in 2016. 

“It was fascinating to observe and observe the response of the institution to Donald Trump. He turned a figurehead for this populist push again towards international capitalist ideology,” mentioned Hopkins.

This “international capitalist ideology” he described, or “GloboCap” as he’s taken to calling it in his writings, is an ideologically monolithic global-capitalist societal construction. Primarily, a ruling class made up of globalist oligarchs.

“It was simply so clear they got down to destroy him, make an instance of him, and demonize everyone who put him in workplace,” mentioned Hopkins. 

He claimed the demonization of Trump throughout his 4 years in workplace was this ruling class “reminding us who’s in cost and what occurs if we elect unauthorized presidents who have not been permitted by the system.”

Admittedly not a fan of Trump, Hopkins couldn’t assist however giggle at the entire methods during which the previous president was vilified. “First, he was a Russian intelligence asset, then he was actually Hitler and was going to overthrow the U.S. authorities with some underground White supremacist militia,” Hopkins recalled, claiming the accusations had been “pure fantasy that was taken significantly.” 


In accordance with Hopkins, this push towards a post-COVID “New Regular” society during which individuals are keen to lockdown of their properties when advised, put on masks when requested, and carry round their COVID-19 vaccination playing cards with the intention to be allowed into public areas is a continuation of the invisible ruling class asserting its dominance. 

“One factor that I have been saying to attempt to get by means of to individuals,” mentioned Hopkins, “is simply the entire concept of lockdowns. ‘Lockdown,’ this can be a jail time period, proper? And when do you lock down the jail? When the prisoners are rioting and getting rebellious. It is a manner of reminding everybody, ‘Hey, you are in jail and we’re in cost.'”

“It is not actually in regards to the vaccines or the checks,” he mentioned with reference to newly applied tips. “What it is about is coaching us, conditioning us to stay in a society the place we settle for this kind of management.”

One other side of this “synchronization of tradition,” as Hopkins referred to as it, and which he finds significantly terrifying is the ideological uniformity being unfold by “large supranational entities and company media” on behalf of the institution. 

“It is tearing societies aside, it is tearing relationships aside, it is tearing households aside, this excessive polarization and intolerance of dissent and differing views,” he mentioned. “I really feel like if I begin questioning or difficult the official COVID narrative, if I begin declaring information, I am handled like a suppressive particular person within the Church of Scientology.”

“The response will not be considered one of sturdy disagreement, anger or to show me mistaken,” he continued. “The response is to close me up, silence me and make me go away. When a society will get to that place, the place dissent is handled that manner, that could be a actually harmful growth.” 

Hopkins in contrast the “suffocating” environment in Berlin to a German phrase, Gleichschaltung, which arose within the Nazi period and was used to explain the method by which Nazi Germany established a system of totalitarian management over the person, in addition to shut coordination of all features of society.


All will not be doomed, nonetheless, in accordance with the American political satirist, who mentioned he has been vastly inspired by the pushback exhibited in components of the U.S., naming states like Florida and Texas. Sadly, no such revolt towards the shift towards totalitarianism exists in Germany.

As an artist and a creature of the left, talking out in regards to the left wing’s authoritarian energy seize has been significantly painful for C.J. Hopkins. 

“I’m an artist and 99% of the artwork world has simply gone fully ‘New Regular,’” he mentioned, admitting lots of his private relationships have been ruined by him sharing his unpopular opinions.

“Most frequently I get attacked by of us on the left and liberals who are actually telling me that I am some form of far-right extremist, however I have never modified.”

For Hopkins, remaining silent and falling into line is now not an possibility. “There are some occasions in historical past when you’ll want to put these kinds of profession issues and private issues apart as a result of the stakes are that top, and I really feel just like the stakes are that top this time.”

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