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The python swallowed a woman – TVN Meteo

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A python measuring about five meters long swallowed a 45-year-old woman whole on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, local media reported. The corpse was recovered from the snake's belly by the villagers.

The woman disappeared on Thursday when she left the village of Suardi Rosi to sell vegetables from her garden. She was reported missing by her husband, who, together with relatives and neighbors, started a search – reported Detik.com and CNN Indonesia. The next day, they came across the python and the missing woman's personal belongings lying next to it. After cutting open the snake's belly with a machete, they recovered the woman's body.

Pythons do not kill their victims with venom, but suffocate them. They usually feed on birds and smaller mammals. However, devouring people is rare, although – as experts emphasize – it is possible due to the exceptionally wide jaw opening of this reptile.

Main photo source: IndiaToday/X

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