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The quintuplets were born in Krakow. One child was “added” every examination. Happy dad struggles to remember names

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The quintuplets who were born in Krakow are already breathing on their own and are feeling better and better. Happy parents, during a conversation with the reporter “Dzień Dobry TVN”, admit that they expected one child to join the seven who are waiting at home. – Five were born, it’s hard not to be surprised – dad joked, who – as it turned out during the live entrance – has not yet mastered all the names of recently born daughters and sons.

Dominic and coming from England Vincent Clark are parents three girls and two boys born on February 12who were born in the University Hospital in Krakow. During the live entry in “Dzień Dobry TVN”, viewers could not only meet them, but also see the quintuplets. The proud mum revealed that she initially expected to give birth to one child. But her knowledge of how much her family would grow changed after repeated tests during her pregnancy.

– There was bleeding, so I went back for another ultrasound. And on the occasion of subsequent tests, one more child was “added to us”. When they “added us” the last – the fifth child – I was in the hospital for some time, I did not immediately tell my husband – admitted Dominika Clark. And she added: – My husband was in great shock, although with each child I added, his smile grew bigger.


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Parents of quintuplets in an interview with the reporter “Dzień Dobry TVN”Good Morning TVN, prod. TVN, 2023

Names yet to be mastered

The father of quintuplets admitted that the information about the significant enlargement of the family was a huge surprise for him. It was he – as his wife says – who came up with the names for the children. During the live entry in “Dzień Dobry TVN”, the man tried to name them all.

“Elizabeth May, Arianna Rose, Evangeline…” the man said, then paused, admitting that he still had to master them.

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Then the spouses jointly described the names of the children. The girls are Elizabeth May, Evangeline Rose, Arianna Daisy. The boys are Charles Patrick and Henry James.

One of the quintuplets in the room of the Department of Obstetrics and Perinatology at the University Hospital in KrakowPAP/Łukasz Gągulski

One such pregnancy in 52 million

The hospital announced the exceptional delivery on social media, while noting that the quintuplet pregnancy is extremely rare – it occurs once in 52 million cases.

Parents Dominik and Vince Clarke in the room of the Department of Obstetrics and Perinatology at the University Hospital in KrakowPAP/Łukasz Gągulski

The pregnant woman spent about two months in the hospital. – Mom came to us around the 21st week of pregnancy. It is known that fetal health monitoring was particularly limited, because we cannot always see everything in an ultrasound examination. Additional pathologies of this pregnancy required the correct treatment of hypertension, and in the case of delivery, the correct preparation of children. If we have a premature birth, we are able to help neonatologists through intrauterine stimulation of lung development or the protective effect of magnesium sulphate on children’s brains – said Prof. Hubert Huras, head of the Clinical Department of Obstetrics and Perinatology at the University Hospital in Krakow.

As pointed out by prof. Huras, “every week is a greater maturity of children and a greater chance for their proper development.” – There is an opinion that multiple pregnancies mature faster, but 28 weeks is still 28 weeks, they are not full-term newborns – he said.

Conference at the hospital after the birth of the quintupletsTVN24

Good Morning TVN, tvn24.pl

Main photo source: PAP/Łukasz Gągulski

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