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The “race of lows” will bring us rain. Tomasz Wasilewski about the weather in Poland and Europe

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The weather in Poland on Wednesday will be shaped by low pressure located between Great Britain and the Scandinavian Peninsula. It will bring us rain, but also relatively high temperature for January. The situation in Eastern Europe and Asia is completely different.

In Tatra Mountains it got cold, and on Tuesday it snowed here and there in Poland. As Tomasz Wasilewski told in the program “You get up and know”, the fact that in winter we talk about 27 centimeters of snow in the high mountains as a rare phenomenon is quite a disturbing symptom.

“Unfortunately, it looks like there is practically no natural snow outside the Tatra Mountains, there are remnants of artificial snow,” he said.

“Low Production” over the Atlantic

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The presenter explained that the current weather situation in Poland is shaped primarily by low-pressure systems located in Western Europe and on the Atlantic. They are accompanied by two highs: one deep in the continent, over Russia, and the other – much warmer – next to the Iberian Peninsula.

– The passage of these lows (…) from the west to the east, from the Atlantic, is nothing else for us than quite warm, or even warm weather for winter with successive atmospheric fronts – he explained, pointing to the map. – Today in our part of Europe we have this low pressure (…) and there is another one behind it. If one than goes to Finland and northern Scandinavia, another will follow.

This “race of low pressures” through northern Europe is also associated with the passage of rainfall – Poland is mainly rain – and warm air.

– That’s why today we forecast 9 degrees on thermometers – explained Wasilewski. – One wave of warm air is followed by another, and so on, endlessly. This “production” of lows in the Atlantic is very efficient, (…) new systems are being created.

The bar situation in Europetvnmeteo.pl

In the east, a solid winter prevails

The situation in the eastern part of Europe is completely different. There is a high-pressure system that brings extreme frosts – on Wednesday morning in the European part of Russia, thermometers showed -29 degrees Celsius.

– This frosty air (…) was closed in such a circle – said the presenter. – It is only in this high and does not move further west, and at the same time lows coming from the west together with warm air cause that there is such a border (…) more or less east of our borders. On one side there is Atlantic weather, warm and a few degrees above zero, and on the other side a pretty solid winter is starting.

This is particularly visible in the Asian part of Russia – in Siberia, records of low temperatures from several decades ago are broken in some places.

– For example, in the town of Żylinda, -61.9 degrees was recorded yesterday – explained Wasilewski. – This is the worst frost in 81 years. It hasn’t been this cold here since 1942.

Record frosts over Siberiatvnmeteo.pl

See the full interview with Tomasz Wasilewski:

Tomasz Wasilewski on the pressure situation in EuropeTVN24

Main photo source: Adobe Stock/tvnmeteo.pl

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