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The rector resigned from the declaration of gender at the university after the intervention of Minister Czarnek

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At the University of Life Sciences in Poznań, however, there will be no procedure for declaring one’s gender. After the intervention of the Minister of Science, Przemysław Czarnek, the rector revoked his order. As he claims, the introduction of the resolution was dictated by counteracting discrimination, but the ministry expressed “legal doubts”.

In May, the rector of the Poznań University of Life Sciences, Krzysztof Szoszkiewicz, introduced a new procedure for treating students in accordance with their declared gender identity. The university approached the subject seriously – a student who wanted his gender to be different than in official documents had to fill out an application and provide medical documentation. This concerned both people who had already changed their sex and those who were in the process of transition.

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Minister’s intervention

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The minister intervened in this matter Przemyslaw Czarnek and he got his way. On Tuesday, he thanked the rector for changing his decision on social media. “I would like to thank the Rector of the Poznań University of Life Sciences for self-reflection and withdrawal of legally questionable decisions. After the intervention of the ministry headed by me, the Rector revoked the order,” he wrote.

The head of the ministry also enclosed a letter from the rector, which he sent to the minister explaining the reasons for his decision.

The constitution prohibits discrimination

“In response to your letter, I would like to inform you that, taking into account your position, in particular the expressed doubts of a legal nature regarding the existence of the expressed legal basis for taking an order (…) on the procedure of treatment in accordance with the declared gender identity (…) I decided to its repeal,” the letter reads.

As he explains further, the grounds for adopting such an order were the provisions of the Constitution of the Republic of Poland, in particular those prohibiting discrimination. The Rector assured that he cares about the high quality of education and the safety of students, and wants to provide students with an environment free of violence.

“Students, doctoral students, academic teachers, without exception, deserve due respect” – we read in the letter addressed by the Rector to the Minister of Education.

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