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The reprographic fee – will it cover smartphones? Comment by the Minister of Culture, Piotr Gliński

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Will the reprographic fee cover smartphones? The minister of culture, national heritage and sport, Piotr Gliński, said in “Dziennik Gazeta Prawna” that, in accordance with earlier arrangements in this regulation, there will be no smartphones.

The reprographic fee will not cover smartphones – an announcement by the Minister of Culture

Gliński was asked if a possible source of financing for artists’ insurance other than the reprographic fee was taken into account.

– Not. We insist on the proposed model because it is optimal and contains a very important element of solidarity. Let us remember that without artists there is no culture, and without culture there is no society and identity, he emphasized.

Asked whether smartphones – which in the current draft regulation to the act are not on the list of devices – will be subject to a reprographic fee, he said that “we agreed that there would be no smartphones in this regulation and we will keep this agreement.

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Act on the rights of the artist

Gliński was asked, inter alia, about what is happening with the draft act on the rights of a professional artist, which artists are waiting for.

– The arrangements and consultations are still ongoing, and the vacation period is not in our favor. Only in recent days have we received the opinion of the Government Legislation Center and the Legislative Council. We have to respond to them, so it will take a while. It is a complicated, systemic, large act. Its source was our long-term dialogue with the artistic community in the form of nationwide cultural conferences – he explained.

When asked if it was already known what changes will occur in the draft as a result of consultations and comments, he replied that “the law is well prepared and thought out”.

– It was preceded by in-depth, comprehensive analyzes. Therefore, I do not expect any significant changes to this project. They could distort the philosophy of this regulation. Its essence is to link the issue of social security for a large number of artists who remain outside this system with the issue of environmental solidarity. Part of the reprographic fee will go to a fund that will subsidize the insurance of previously uninsured artists. The reprographic fee is a fair, used in many countries compensation for authors for fair public use, i.e. for playing or listening to music on electronic devices for free – he said.

As he added, in Poland, artists have not received it for years, although in all civilized countries, artists do receive it. – During the consultations, the artists’ representatives, i.e. the organizations of collective management of copyright, agreed to share this money with a group of the poorest artists – he said.

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