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The rescuers did not react when the girl disappeared underwater. She was saved by 10-year-old Tymon

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Moments of terror at the swimming pool in Tczew. If it weren't for 10-year-old Tymon, it is unknown whether it would have ended tragically. Tymon's friend suddenly disappeared under water. The boy called the rescuers for help, but eventually pulled the girl to the surface himself. Everything can be seen on the surveillance video. You can also see where the rescuers were at that time.

The surveillance video shows a nine-year-old girl suddenly losing consciousness during a swimming lesson and disappearing underwater. At that moment, 10-year-old Tymon appeared next to her. – I took a breath and looked at the bottom. I saw that she was underwater and fewer and fewer bubbles were coming out of her mouth, she was almost not breathing at all – reports Tymon Pelcer.

“I called out to the rescuers and they didn't respond, even though they were looking at me.”

The boy first pulled his friend to the surface himself, then hung her over the ropes of the swimming pool track, and then towed her to the shore. For several dozen seconds that decided about the girl's life, he was the only one who did his rescue assignment during swimming lessons.

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– I called to the rescuers, but they did not respond, although they looked at me. This is what it looked like. And I screamed very loudly, recalls Tymon.

The rescuers rushed to help only a minute later, alerted by the girl's mother, who saw the accident from the balcony. – Nobody looked after the children there. Well, the lifeguard was just sitting on a chair. He couldn't see the entire pool from where he was sitting. He didn't see what was happening in the water, says the mother of the injured girl.

The girl was given oxygen. She regained consciousness in the ambulance. She feels good, but she needs specialist tests.

The first disciplinary consequences have already occurred

The new authorities of Tczew, who have been in office for several days, apart from presenting the award to the boy-hero, must face a more serious problem: security in the facility, which is guarded by rescuers.

– For us, this situation is actually the last warning that we need to react quickly – comments Łukasz Brządkowski, mayor of Tczew. – Currently, an investigation is being carried out to determine whether a person is exposed to danger – says Sergeant Katarzyna Ożóg from the District Police Headquarters in Tczew.

The first disciplinary consequences have already occurred. – The rescuers and their supervision, i.e. the rescue foreman, received a reprimand – says Piotr Wojciechowski from the Tczew Sports and Recreation Center.

He jumped into the Vistula River to save a teenager. An extraordinary action by a policemanDariusz Łapiński/Fakty TVN

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The case is also being investigated by the school board, which is checking why the swimming teacher-coach was not with the children at the time of the accident. – The teacher informed the rescuers that she was leaving the pool for a moment – says Robert Kraska from Sports Primary School No. 2 in Tczew.

The teacher is on sick leave, and Tymon – with the help of a psychologist – is trying to return to the swimming pool. – He asked for a hug and only after a while he said that while swimming along the track he felt a blockage and couldn't swim any further – says Tymon's mother.

The parents hope that this will not end with reprimanding the rescuers. Although they first admitted their mistake, they refused to accept disciplinary punishment.

Main photo source: Tczew Sports and Recreation Center (surveillance recording)

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