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The revolt of the Wagner Group. Prigozhin can attack from Belarus. Former British army chief Richard Dannatt warns Ukrainians

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Former British Army Chief of Staff Richard Dannatt warned Ukrainians of a potential attack by the Wagner Group from Belarus. “If I were a Ukrainian commander, I would watch this front very closely,” he told Sky News.

Richard Dannatt, commander in chief of the British Army from 2006 to 2009, warned on Sunday in an interview with Sky News that although the situation over the weekend in Russia gave the Ukrainians a strong position at the front, was the departure of Yevgeny Prigozhin to Belarus poses a new potential threat. “The fact that he left for Belarus is, in my opinion, a cause for concern,” he stressed.

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The former head of the British army warns the Ukrainians

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Sky News notes that in the wake of the Wagner Group rebellion, Ukrainians hoped to use the chaos in Russia to recapture territories occupied by Russian forces. The station also reminds that in agreement reached on Saturday evening between the Kremlin and Prigozhin included e.g. the relocation of the Wagnerian leader to Belarus and the discontinuation of the criminal proceedings against him regarding the organization of the rebellion, which began on Friday evening.

However, Richard Dannatt, in an interview with the station, expressed doubts whether Prigozhin’s departure from Russia meant the end of him and his group. He noted that it is not known how many fighters went to Belarus with him. “If he went to Belarus and kept an effective combat force with him, this again poses a threat to the Ukrainian flank closest to Kiev,” he pointed out. – (Ukrainians – ed.) must watch this flank very carefully and make sure that they have some maneuvering units so that they are able to repel a renewed attack from Belarusian territory – he stressed.

– I think we have to watch very carefully what Prigozhin and the fighters of the Wagner Group are doing. (…) If I were a Ukrainian commander, I would watch this front very carefully – he concluded.

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Main photo source: PAP/Newscom

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